What is the Best Waist Trainer Style for the Gym?
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What is the Best Waist Trainer Style for the Gym?

People purchase waist trainers for a wide variety of different reasons. Some people want to start working on an hourglass figure right away. Many people will wear waist trainers throughout their work week to start correcting their posture and alignment. Another group of people use their waist trainer in tandem with an intensive workout schedule. If you are one of these people, the hybrid waist trainers are designed just for you.

What are hybrid waist trainers?

SqueezMeSkinny provides a few different types of waist trainers and shapewear. Our aggressive waist trainers are intended for everyday use. These waist trainers can be worn while at work or at home. They are rigid, tough, and will get the results you want. Our hybrid waist trainers are made from materials like spandex and latex. These waist trainers get used while you are working out or while you are relaxing at home. Many of them have fun, unique printed designs. Some also have special functions, like our neoprene waist trainer, which is designed to help you sweat and burn body fat.


Can you wear waist trainers while working out?

Many people believe that you cannot wear a waist trainer while you are working out. That simply is not true. Some waist trainers are extremely rigid in their design. If you purchase an aggressive waist trainer, you will notice how well it works at correcting your posture and alignment right away. They are tight, yet comfortable, but will not easily translate into an intense workout. Hybrid trainers contain many of the same materials as our aggressive waist trainers, such as latex. However, the hybrid waist trainers have a softer layer on the inside, primarily cotton, that makes the waist trainer a little bit more flexible and will help you work out. If you purchase the right waist trainer, such as a hybrid waist trainer from SqueezMeSkinny, you can enjoy a comfortable workout in your waist trainer.

What types of exercises can you do with a waist trainer at the gym?

You can do virtually any type of exercise that you want while using one of our hybrid waist trainers. Some people will use the neoprene waist trainer to burn off extra body fat. These waist trainers increase sweating, helping you shed the weight that you want rather quickly. Here are some common exercises that people often do in tandem with their waist trainer:

  • Strength training: Strength training is a great way to increase your muscle tone while wearing a waist trainer, and can even help you achieve the results you want more quickly.
  • Aerobics training: Aerobics can help you shed unwanted weight. With a hybrid waist trainer from SqueezMeSkinny, you will be able to achieve the heart and lung capacity that you want while looking great.
  • Flexibility and mobility training: These types of exercises help your muscles stretch more and get their muscles in tone. Done in tandem with a waist trainer, this can help work your core muscles even more.
  • Coordination and agility training: These types of exercises include things like quick feet. In addition to working on your quickness and reaction time, these fast exercises can help you sweat and work well with our neoprene waist trainer.

Can waist trainers look stylish in the gym?

Many people look for a little bit of style and pizzazz in their workout clothes. While most waist trainers are plain and don't come with unique designs, you can find stylish waist trainers with SqueezMeSkinny. Some of our waist trainers for the gym come in different colors. We also provide printed designs, including floral, cheetah, and unicorn prints that you won't find anywhere else.

How to take care of a gym waist trainer

Waist trainers are to be treated like a piece of delicate wear. They should never be machine washed or placed in a dryer. They should be hand washed and air dried. Furthermore, they also need to be hung or placed in a delicate drawer. You should always have a fresh waist trainer for each trip that you take to the gym. If you are looking for a way to clean your waist trainer, you should try the All Natural Waist Trainer Cleaner, which kills most germs and will get your waist trainer clean quickly.

If you clean your waist trainer regularly, keep a few extras in your wardrobe, and wear it correctly, you will always get the best results from your hybrid waist trainer.

Accessories to go with your waist trainer and the gym

There are also several accessories that will help you get the most out of your hybrid waist trainer and your time at the gym. SqueezMeSkinny has a vegan protein powder that will help you recover from your workout sessions. There is also a thermo/seaweed wrap that will help stimulate metabolism while you are working out.

In addition, you might also want to consider the tight and toned cream. This cream will get rid of fat and help reduce pain after a workout in the gym. The cream also helps activate muscle tissue while you are working out. The cream helps burn fat and get rid of cellulite and reduce the pain that comes after an intense workout session.

Hybrid waist trainers help you work out in style

No matter the need, there is a waist trainer to help you succeed at the gym. The hybrid waist trainer line from SqueezMeSkinny will help you work out, focus on your core muscles, and get the hourglass figure that you want, but most importantly in comfort.

SqueezMeSkinny also brings you some of the only printed design waist trainers on the market, helping you tone your waist and inner core while at the gym, while looking great at the same time. In addition, there are also several products that will help you achieve success while wearing your waist trainer.