Bring your best look to the gym with this workout waist shaper by Squeez Me Skinny. Every gym waist trainer in our collection provides the perfect amount of compression for a better fitness routine. The extra heat around your torso increases sweat and promotes weight loss. Meanwhile, the superior design offers support for your back and abdomen, keeping you comfortable while you give it you're all. Our gym waist trainers come in a range of compressions. Whether you’re looking for a light fit for more flexibility or a tight squeeze for the hourglass figure of your dreams, our workout corset waist trainers are the perfect garment for you. Put your best self forward when you exercise with the gym waist trainers from Squeez Me Skinny.

                Hybrid Waist Trainers designed for workouts and daily waist shaping! (8)

                8" Short Torso Sport Waist Trainer


                Medium Torso 10" Exclusive Design Sport Waist Trainers


                Medium Torso 10" Sport Waist Trainer Solid Colors


                Long Torso 12" Exclusive Design Sport Waist Trainers


                Long Torso 12" Sport Waist Trainer Solid Colors


                Neoprene, Burn the Belly Fat!


                The Perfect Mini Squeeze, Cinch your Waistline Even More!

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