What is the Best Way To Burn Fat With a Waist Trainer?
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What is the Best Way To Burn Fat With a Waist Trainer?

Both men and women accumulate unwanted body fat over time. Some people accrue this extra weight around their midsection because they sit at work a lot or don't get a lot of exercise. In fact, according to the NIH, two thirds of those who are overweight or obese gain their extra weight after adolescence. Thankfully, a waist trainer can help you on your path to fitness. Let's take a look at some of the best ways to start burning fat with a waist trainer.

Wear your waist trainer regularly for better alignment and posture

When you wear your waist trainer, you will notice immediate correction to your posture and alignment. This is the waist trainer, working your core muscles. Good posture and alignment help your body work more efficiently. If you do not work out and put on extra weight, your body will adjust in unusual ways to accommodate the extra weight. Good posture helps you with basic everyday tasks, such as walking, which can help burn energy efficiently over time, reducing the amount of fat that is prevalent over time.


Wear your waist trainer at the gym

Working out and exercising can help burn fat more efficiently. Certain types of exercises help burn fat very efficiently. Most people do not have two to three hours to work out each day at the gym. Therefore, strength training is one of the best ways to burn fat quickly. High intensity interval training is one of the best ways to burn fat while you use your limited time at the gym each week or with your weight set at home. Some of the exercises that will help you burn fat efficiently and tone your muscles include:

  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Deadlifts
  • Bench presses

Studies have shown that metabolism is boosted and sustained for as long as thirty hours after a strength training session. A hybrid waist trainer, designed for working out at the gym, will help you work your core muscles while working out. After your strength training, an aggressive everyday waist trainer can continue to work those muscles while you are experiencing more efficient metabolism.

Eat the right type of foods while waist training

In addition to exercising and wearing your waist trainer, you can eat certain foods intended to increase your metabolism. One such example is Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt contains conjugated linoleic acid, which sustains healthy metabolism and burns fat more efficiently. The vitamin D and amino acids in Greek yogurt also speeds up the burning of fat. If you experience a day when you can't exercise, a snack of Greek yogurt can support the metabolism you've achieved through regular workouts at the gym.

Other foods like green vegetables are also helpful for burning fat efficiently. Broccoli and its green vegetable counterparts contain a chemical called sulforaphane. This encourages fat cells to break down more quickly and can also slow down bloat after eating larger meals or consuming saltier foods.

Eating anything that is rich in protein will also help you burn fat while wearing a waist trainer. Protein takes longer for your body to break down. Ultimately, eating foods that are rich in protein will make you feel full. Protein also helps release hormones in your body that make you feel full. Lastly, protein-rich food also tends to contain a lower amount of calories than foods rich in sugar or fat, so you will create a greater calorie deficit and start breaking down the excess reserves of fat in your body. 


Consider some fat-burning aids in addition to your waist trainer

Certain accessories can help make your waist trainer a fat burning machine. Products such as cellulite burning cream (Tight and Toned from SqueezMeSkinny) will activate your muscles to help burn fat more efficiently during an intense workout session. In addition to helping you burn fat, it will help your muscles recover and sustain your metabolism even after an intense workout session.

Thermo wraps can also help detoxify the body and maintain high metabolism levels. SqueezMeSkinny provides a firming seaweed thermo wrap, helps create sweating. This can help increase metabolism during an intense workout session.

Consider a waist trainer to help you sweat more while working out

A neoprene waist trainer from SqueezMeSkinny can help make your workout even more intense. This type of waist trainer is designed to help you sweat a little bit more, making you work a little bit harder. When your metabolism is working at clockwork efficiency, you will burn more fat during your workout session.

Eat smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day

One of the benefits of wearing a waist trainer is that you will tend to feel a little bit fuller whenever you eat. Eating smaller, frequent meals helps with fat burning on multiple fronts. Some people, when they diet, still stick to three meals a day. This puts the body into an energy conservation mode, where carbohydrates will get stored in fat and fat will be the last thing burned. Eating smaller meals throughout the day will help you feel full and burn off the fat that you want.

Wear your waist trainer regularly throughout the day

To get the maximum fat burning effects from a waist trainer, you should strive to wear it for at least eight to ten hours. This will let the waist trainer work your core muscles while sustaining good alignment and posture. Additionally, you will experience better metabolism when you exercise because your posture is optimized because of the waist trainer.

A waist trainer will help you burn fat, when used in tandem with good diet and exercise. There are other products available to help you burn fat more quickly. A waist trainer from SqueezMeSkinny is the best option to get on the path to the ideal body shape that you want.