Setting Realistic Expectations When Waist Training
Waist Trainer Knowledge

Setting Realistic Expectations When Waist Training

When you purchase a waist trainer from SqueezMeSkinny, you will start noticing results instantly. The waist trainer will start correcting your posture and working your core muscles. However, you will not start losing weight or getting toned muscles unless you incorporate a good diet and exercise regimen into your lifestyle. Let's take a look at how long you might take to get results when you start using a waist trainer.

How long will it take before people start noticing results?

For individuals who start exercising and dieting in combination with their waist trainer, their friends will notice a better stance and straighter posture right away. However, noticeable weight loss takes some time. On average, according to most professional trainers, your friends will start to notice a change in your appearance after about six to eight weeks. You might notice that you can fit into smaller clothes in a smaller time frame.


How long does it take to feel comfortable with a waist trainer?

When you first put on a waist trainer, it will seem uncomfortable at first. Most people notice that the waist trainer is a little tight. Many waist trainers from SqueezMeSkinny come with adjustable mechanisms, like hooks and eyes that let you adjust the fit of the waist trainer to make it more comfortable.

To get the most comfort out of your waist trainer, you need to let your body adjust to it. Some people start out wearing their waist trainers for just two hours on the first day. Over the period of a week, they will wear it for longer periods before they wear it for the full recommended eight to ten hours. If you feel comfortable in your waist trainer, you will likely consistently wear it throughout the day.

To get the maximum results from your waist trainer, you should take measurements correctly when you go to order. You will need to use a vinyl or cloth tape measure, measure the thinnest part of your waist, as well as just under your bust to below your waist. This will help you select a well-sized waist trainer that fits perfectly for you.

Does hiring a fitness trainer or nutritionist help?

If you are incorporating diet and exercise into your waist training regimen, hiring a fitness trainer, nutritionist, or coach can definitely help. The mileage will vary from trainer to trainer, however, investing in a personal trainer will make you sixty percent more likely to achieve your fitness goals versus those who diet or exercise alone.

Sometimes, a fitness trainer or coach might lie a little bit outside of one's budget. In this situation, fitness groups, working out with family, and including friends will also help an individual reach their fitness milestones.


How long does it take to lose weight and gain muscle tone?

In terms of weight loss, mileage will vary based upon your body weight, exercise pattern, and diet. Early on, weight loss tends to happen quicker. Your body will use excess carbs, protein, and to a lesser extent fat. After your body has shed these, it will start burning off stored fat. Generally speaking, if you want to lose one pound,  you will need to burn about 3,500 calories. Most workout sessions, depending on the intensity of the exercise you do, will burn anywhere from 350 to 500 calories. It's possible to shed one pound within one to two weeks.

Muscle tone takes a little bit more time to establish. While wearing your waist trainer, you will work your core muscles and if you use shapewear, you will also work muscle tone in your waist, butt, and thighs. After you have lost excess body weight, you will notice a visible change in muscle tone within about four to six weeks. However, for well-defined muscles, it might take about eight to twelve weeks to achieve the results that you want.

How often should you wear your waist trainer?

You will need to wear your waist trainer for at least eight to ten hours every day. Some people wear the waist trainer for the whole period while others might take breaks. When you are not working out, SqueezMeSkinny recommends its line of aggressive waist trainers. If you want to work out, the hybrid waist trainers will give you the flexibility you need to get the workout you want done easily. For more relaxing nights in and when you don't plan on being too active, the seamless shapewear can help you work on your physique, even when you are relaxing.

Will allergies keep you from wearing a waist trainer?

Some people suffer from allergic reactions to substances such as latex. If you need a latex-free waist trainer, SqueezMeSkinny has you covered. There are also ways to keep your waist trainer clean and fresh without harming your skin. SqueezMeSkinny also provides a cleaning spray that you can use when cleaning your waist trainer, guaranteed to keep you from having any breakouts or other reactions.

What does it take to be successful when waist training?

When you set out to waist train, several different mindsets and changes will help you acheive the results that you want:

  • First and foremost, surround yourself with like-minded people.
  • Secondly, set goals and write them down. Keep a journal to make sure that you record days when you are successful and obstacles that keep you from achieving your goals.
  • Make sure to reward yourself when you meet your goals.
  • Set goals smartly. You should set overarching goals that are long-term in nature while setting smaller goals subservient to the big audacious goals.

Lastly, commit to SquezzMeSkinny waist trainers. Thse waist trainers are intended to help you achieve the results that you want. When worn every day, these waist trainers will help you start seeing results the day you put them on.