Shapewear for Your Plastic Surgery Patients
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Shapewear for Your Plastic Surgery Patients

Post-op shapewear is a specially designed compression garment that helps with postoperative therapy following plastic surgeries, such as liposuction, mammoplasty, tummy tuck, etc. Wearing post-op shapewear provides support, which is essential to post-surgery recovery.

Using one of these compression garments can reduce the appearance of bruising and swelling around the surgical zone. The post-op shapewear keeps the incision area tight, which results in desirable body contouring.

Wearing Post-op Shapewear 

There are numerous benefits to wearing post-op shapewear. First, not wearing it after an operation could result in post-op complications. The outcome the patient is hoping for may be drastically different from reality.

Another benefit of post-op shapewear is the acceleration of the healing process that wearing a compression garment provides. A post-op compression garment can allow the patient to return to their daily routine much more quickly than without one.

Proper healing is a requirement if the patient has any hopes of achieving the results they're hoping to receive. Their body is continuously changing and evolving during the healing process.

The need for post-op shapewear is amplified after undergoing an aggressive body slimming process like a tummy tuck or liposuction. For the surgery to be considered a success, the compression garment should provide the best possible post-surgical healing.

Post-Op Shapewear For a Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck surgery is an aggressive body-slimming procedure requiring a lengthy healing process. A compression suit is highly recommended for the best possible results following such an aggressive surgery.

Patients should wear post-op shapewear for at least six to eight weeks following the surgery. A surgeon will review the recovery plan with the patient, as the length of time to wear post-op shapewear will vary depending on several factors.

A patient will be fit for a drain which is removed one to two weeks after surgery has concluded. The length of time depends entirely on the patient and the surgeon's recommendations.

To receive the best results, it's at this time that the patient can wear a compression garment to minimize swelling and fluid build-up around the surgical area.

Some surgeons will recommend that the patient wear the compression garment for the entirety of the day. However, some will only recommend that post-op shapewear be worn for only around ten to twelve hours daily. In either case, the patient must wear shapewear whenever participating in any form of exercise or medium to high-impact activities. Patients often find it much easier to move around during exercise while wearing post-op shapewear.

Wearing a compression garment following a tummy tuck procedure can reduce patient discomfort. It will also aid in the reduction of swelling, bruising, and fluid retention around the surgical area. 

The initial weeks following the surgery are critical to the recovery. The patient's body tissue will begin to conform to its new shape, and a compression garment can support the healing process. It does this by promoting healthy blood circulation and increasing the chances for optimal results following a tummy tuck.

Our Picks For Post-Op Shapewear

Squeez Me Skinny post-op shapewear acts like a taut cincher. It will tighten and compress the midsection, bust, hips, and back. Apart from the occasional discomfort of daily wear, you will notice the support and mobility they afford you following a surgical procedure.

We offer a wide range of shapewear for patients following a tummy tuck or liposuction that act as a support system as you recover. They help reduce swelling and stimulate blood circulation while keeping the skin tight against the muscle.

Second Skin Waist Slimmer, Hip Hugger Bodysuit

This shapewear provides 360° moderate compression that makes your curves feel like they're wrapped in luxury. Our hip hugger bodysuit fits snugly and perfectly contours your abdomen, hips, and waist. There's a reason why it's our best shapewear product!

The Second Skin Waist Slimmer is made of antibacterial, breathable, lightweight microfibers and offers women excellent back coverage to leave them feeling confident. It's made of 75% Nylon and 25% Spandex to contour your body's natural shape. The seamless body briefer design makes it almost invisible underneath clothing, ensuring you look incredible even while post-op.

Comfort Evolution Full Body Shaper

The Comfort Evolution Body Shaper is designed for women to provide ultimate comfort while being active. It easily smooths out your beautiful curves under any outfit. Recovering from cosmetic surgery can often make it difficult to undress when needing to relieve yourself. With this post-op shapewear, that is not the case. You won't have to undress fully. You only need to unsnap the open crotch gusset whenever you require the use of the facilities.

The all-around midriff panel offers support where necessary, regardless if you've had a tummy tuck or breast augmentation. This garment is made with seamless microfibers that will flex and stretch along with your body as it recovers. You can pair this post-op shapewear with any outfit for comfort in style.

Choosing the Correct Compression Garment Size

It's best to fit the patient for garments before undergoing a surgical procedure. Doing so will allow them to get the correct size for the post-op recovery.

Even though the surgical area will grow smaller after the surgery, changes will come slowly for the first few weeks. During this period, your body will appear the same as it had pre-op.

The patient should consider taking post-op shapewear to the hospital to take measurements before the procedure. The doctor can then assist the patient with making the correct garment choice based on the surgery's estimated results.

When the compression begins to loosen, this means that the swelling has already started to decrease. At this point, it may be time to replace your post-op shapewear with something smaller.

Post-op Shapewear Time Requirement

Following every surgical procedure, proper healing support is a requirement. While your body goes through the healing process, it will evolve and reshape.

It is vital to don shapewear throughout this process to ensure better results. The importance of post-op shapewear can not be overstated or overemphasized because of this very reason.

You should wear post-op shapewear for a minimum of six to eight weeks following the surgical procedure. The only time that they should come off is during a bath or shower. However, suppose you do not feel comfortable wearing shapewear while you sleep. In that case, you can opt for fitting yoga pants or a post-surgical bra with soft cups.

It is always recommended to have multiple shapewear garments available to you. So ensure that they are kept clean and ready to wear when needed.

The majority of plastic surgical procedures require wearing compression garments over a lengthy period of time. Though the compression can cause discomfort, designers created these garments with your comfort in mind. Therefore, most post-op shapewear is suitable to wear over long periods like the recovery window.

Postpartum Waist Training

Many women struggle with losing weight gained during pregnancy. Pregnancy and postpartum are among the events which cause drastic changes to a women's frame.

Plenty of new moms choose to use waist training to slim down while healing after giving birth. By wearing a waist trainer, the high compression will render instant support to the body while reshaping and slimming the midsection.

Though results may vary, it is best to use a waist trainer for eight to ten hours daily following the first three months of postpartum. New moms can work up to this incrementally until it can be worn consistently. Consistency is key when incorporating waist training into your normal workout regimen.

Ensure that your postpartum shapewear is purchased from a  trusted vendor like Squeez Me Skinny. Our shapewear is an efficient supplement to your slim figure plan, can boost your confidence, and supports the healing process.