Fitness Essentials and Waist Trainers for Winter Months
Waist Trainer Knowledge

Fitness Essentials and Waist Trainers for Winter Months

The wearing of waist trainers isn't a new fad. They've been around for many years and are similar to corsets. Waist trainers and shapewear promote the possibility of shedding unwanted fats while boosting your workout performance.

Waist training is a very popular method for people looking to slim down their tummies. Most individuals looking to slim down do so to look good during summer. So it should be no surprise that the best time to begin waist training is during the winter months.

Looking good In The Winter

When it comes to winter fashion, it's all about the layers. Baggy sweatshirts, sweat pants, ugly sweaters, the list goes on. So why should anyone care about looking slim?

Wearing baggy clothing on a more oversized frame makes you look larger than you usually would. You might not be able to show off your slim frame like in the summer, but you'll still want to look great in your winter attire.

The key to a great outfit, regardless of the season, is constructing a curvy and smooth foundation. There are plenty of ways to utilize shapewear and waist trainers to make you look good in the winter while getting you ready for the summer.

Understanding Waist Trainers

Women wore corsets under their dresses to keep their waistlines slim and tight. It's one of the earliest forms of waist training. Today's waist trainers consist of thick, sturdy fabrics, with many still offering metal boning - the torso support. They wrap around your torso and affix through hook-and-eye clasps, sticky fasteners, or a traditional lacing system.

When waist training, you should wear your waist trainer for incremental periods of time daily. The whole idea being a gradual build up to the lean frame you desire. The longer you wear it, the more it contours your waist and hips. The end result, a more well-defined hourglass shape.

Benefits of Waist Trainers

Suppose you want to look and feel better about wearing those tight pants, sexy dresses, and cute skirts. In that case, a waist training accessory may provide short-term results. You could easily wear a waist trainer for a single night out and never have to commit to wearing one long-term. However, adding a healthy diet and proper physical exercise, combined with a waist trainer, could help you achieve long-lasting results.

A waist trainer can motivate individuals to do better with their diet and exercise over long stretches. When using a waist trainer correctly without overdoing it, it can serve as a reminder for proper posture and portioning your meals. As a result, you're more likely to stay on track with your diet and exercise routine.

You don't have to wear a waist trainer forever or at all times of the day. They are easy to remove so you can wear them for as long as you'd like. Just be sure your body has been properly adjusted to the snug fit before wearing them too long. Listen to your body. If you begin to feel pain or discomfort, take the waist trainer off and allow your body some rest before reintroducing it to your daily routine.

Shaping Shorts

Shaping Shorts are an excellent pick for everyday shapewear that is perfect all year round. Designed as shaper boy shorts like our Power Shaping Shorts, this shapewear gives you the booty, hips, and waist you want while being cute and sexy. 

They're so versatile that you can wear them under just about any outfit. You can even wear them in place of underwear underneath your clothing to enhance your figure.

Some shaping shorts, like these High Waist Thermal Shorts, possess a high waistband to lift your rear and keep the tummy tucked in and looking slim and smooth. It helps do away with your love handles when wearing pants and skirts.

Thigh Slimmers

Don't hide the shape of your legs this holiday season. Instead, embrace your curves and take advantage of the winter months to show off your figure even when you wear heftier sweaters and tops.

Thigh-slimming shapewear will keep your thighs and hips tight and firm so that you can wear your pants, dresses, and skirts with confidence. Our Second Skin Thigh Slimmer is a holiday favorite that you can wear under dresses and pants to compliment any style.

Another recommendation is our Comfort Evolution Hi-Waist Thigh Slimmer. It offers your body superior comfort and a flawless finish. Made from lightweight microfibers for superior stretch and flex to keep that belly tame and rear firm.

Aggressive Waist Trainers

No matter the time of year, almost any body type can benefit from a slim and smooth hourglass appearance. Aggressive waist trainers like cinchers and corsets can instantly drop several inches from your waistline. The result is a smooth foundation for anything you wear all year round.

Why one of these waist trainers is so important during the winter is their ability to create a slim waistline that helps produce curves. These curves can help draw attention to your now smaller waist even while wearing bulky winter clothing.

For daily waist training, the Maximum Compression Waist Trainer is a corset available in sizes from XXXS to XXL. It also fits three different torso sizes for petite and tall women.

If you're looking for posture support, try one of our steel-boned corsets like the Hide The Back Fat, Latex Free Waist Trainer. It's a smooth, lightweight premium-quality Colombian-made waist trainer with a stretchy Powernet vest. Without latex, it's perfect for sensitive skin to deliver authentic and powerful results.

Shaping Cami

Smart layering is the key to staying warm this winter so that you can be comfortable facing the weather but relaxed and fashionable when you get inside.

To pull it off, we suggest a cami. Our Incredibly Shaping Cami is a must-have piece to add to your wardrobe. It can be the foundational layer under all sweaters, button-down tops, and any other layering pieces you can imagine.

It comes in black making it easy to conceal under whatever you choose to wear. The cami will slim and control the midsection without rolling up or sliding. It features no metal hardware, so you can feel comfortable and confident in any winter outfit.

Workout Shapewear

Around the holiday season, people tend to get a bit lazy. However, this is no excuse for being less active. We suggest you kick your diet and workout regimen into overdrive so that you'll feel more confident in your beach body come summer.

Don't forget to add a waist-training accessory to your daily routine. It will increase your chances of the best possible results when trying to achieve a flatter tummy.

Compression activewear can help you get the most from your workouts, whether inside the gym or outside in the cold.

Workout waist trainers: Crank up the heat in your core this winter by trying on one of our Zipper Heat Trapping Sweat Vests. They're available for men and women, guaranteed to make you sweat more and work harder.

In addition, you'll feel confident and sexy with your workout waist trainer underneath your clothes. The zipper makes putting on and taking it off super simple.

Hybrid Waist Trainers: When looking for a waist training product that brings the heat while also looking great underneath layered garments, a hybrid waist trainer will fit the bill. These waist trainers, like our Exclusive Design Sport Waist Trainers, are ideal for workouts to increase sweat and fat oxidation in targeted areas.

They take the sexy design and everyday use of a traditional waist trainer and combine it with a workout trainer's heat-trapping, sweat-inducing capabilities. You get the benefit of two in one to keep your tummy in check and burn calories while doing it.

Full Body Shapewear

What's a winter season without a few holiday parties? When a gala event is right around the corner, it's best to be prepared with the proper shapewear. Fullbody shapewear is a must-have option in your wardrobe for just this occasion. They fit perfectly under your formal winter attire to sculpt your whole figure to produce a captivating impression.

Our Comfort Evolution Full Body Shaper is designed to allow you to dance the night away in total comfort. Show off your beautiful curves and tight tummy with absolute confidence. It's an all-over shaping solution to create an hourglass figure perfect for donning that winter gown. The all-around midriff panel allows you to pair it with your favorite bra and enhance your bust.

The seamless technology makes it almost invisible underneath your attire. A high back eliminates bra bulge, and the adjustable shoulder straps offer individualized fit flexibility. At the same time, the stretchiness of the soft 4-way intelligent fabric offers a curvier backside for additional confidence.

Enhance your figure with style this winter season. Shapewear can help you achieve the natural curves you didn't even know you had. When purchasing your shapewear for the holiday season, make sure it's from a reliable and trustworthy brand like Squeez Me Skinny.