Heat Trapping Sweat Vests, An Alternative to Sauna Suits
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Heat Trapping Sweat Vests, An Alternative to Sauna Suits

Squeez Me Skinny is a trusted name in everyday waist trainers. We offer a multitude of options for your waist training and weight loss needs. Our heat-trapping sweat vests are among the best you'll find.

In particular, the women's zipper heat trapping sweat vest and men's zipper heat trapping sweat vest will heat around your core and enhance your perspiration to invoke your body's internal temperature to rise. This in turn creates rapid weight loss in a healthy way.

But what about sauna suits? Currently, there is a debate between which option is better overall to reach your weight loss and muscle building goals.

Heat-Trapping Vests Vs. Sauna Suits

So what exactly are the differences when it comes to heat-trapping vests vs. sauna suits? Both have their uses when attempting to lose weight, burn calories, build muscle, and enhance workout routines. However, not all sweat apparel is created equal. Below, we'll cover the benefits, risks, and general differences between heat-trapping vests vs. sauna suits.

Heat-Trapping Vests

A heat-trapping vest retains your body heat and sweat around your waist and midsection while worn during running, wrestling, weight-lifting, and other forms of exercise. The vest will increase your internal core temperature causing the body to sweat and burn additional calories.

Heat-trapping sweat vests consist of spandex, polymer, and other fabrics to create sweat and heat build-up while remaining as comfortable to wear as possible. It is often easy to put on and take off while staying dry, even when sweating profusely. A weight training vest will typically only cover your midsection from neck to waist.

Whenever you engage in strenuous activity, dehydration is a real possibility. This situation will multiply when introducing a sweat vest into your routine. Reduce the risk of dehydration and other heat-related complications by maintaining a steady intake of fluids before, during, and after you engage in strenuous activities.


  • It fits snugly while providing a full range of motion
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Absorbs sweat to keep you dry
  • Detoxification
  • Improves the results of your current workout routine
  • Builds muscle more effectively through muscle hypertrophy
  • Burns more calories
  • Heat adaptation
  • Greater weight loss results
  • Improved cardiovascular fitness
  • Increased endurance
  • Reduced risk of injury


  • Sweat-induced dehydration
  • Electrolyte imbalance
  • Excessive heat can damage internal organs

Sauna Suits

A sauna suit retains your body heat and sweat while wearing it when you engage in low to high-impact activities. It often appears as a waterproof tracksuit and allows heat and sweat to build up inside the suit. At the same time, while you engage in these activities, your body temperature will begin to rise. As your internal temperature rises, you will start to sweat, which lends itself to additional weight loss.

One full-body sauna suit is typically made from PVC or coated nylon and causes the body to heat up and sweat. Most will cover an individual from neck to feet. In contrast, some will also include a hood for additional heat retention for the head.

Overexertion while in a sauna suit can increase physiological strain and induce more substantial sweat losses. These circumstances can lead to dehydration and severe heat-related illness, some of which may be fatal.


  • Great for short-term weight loss goals
  • Boosts cardiovascular health
  • Detoxification
  • Increases cardiorespiratory fitness
  • Heat adaptation
  • Increases pulse rate to expand blood vessels
  • Better option during cold weather to keep muscles warm
  • Lowers chance of injury


  • Material not as comfortable
  • It does not absorb sweat to keep you dry
  • It may not be machine washable
  • Sweat-induced dehydration
  • Electrolyte loss
  • May replicate symptoms of heat stroke
  • No proven weight loss aside from water weight
  • Excessive heat can damage internal organs
  • Hyperthermia in extreme cases

Things To Consider While Wearing Sweat Apparel

Some of the more essential things that you should consider when attempting to achieve your weight loss goals while using sweat apparel are:

Maintain Adequate Fluid Levels (Hydrate!)

Sweat apparel like heat-trapping vests and sauna suits can increase your sweating rate. Therefore, you must maintain a steady hydration level and avoid heat-induced complications.

Without proper water intake, dehydration becomes a real and serious threat. As hydration is the key to weight loss, it is the most crucial factor to consider. It is even more paramount when introducing sweat apparel into your workout routine. 

You must maintain proper hydration at any cost. Not following through on this can lead to severe health issues and even death in some extreme circumstances.

Be Mindful & Consistent

Sweat-inducing apparel is good for your health and helps in your weight loss journey. However, it would help if you also took great care when using these suits or vests during intense workouts.

Ensure that you only use the proper techniques and equipment when taking advantage of these perspiration-provoking articles of clothing to lose weight more quickly. Being mindful while you exercise will support focus and deliver better results.

Do not expect overnight results. There is no magic pill for weight loss, including sweat suits. Results will come when the proper effort is put into achieving them, which takes consistency and determination. Both attributes are essential if your goal is to lose weight healthily. Do not skip exercise, or your weight loss will suffer, setting your goals back.

Calories in Moderation

In addition to your workouts, nothing is more essential than a proper diet. Intake needs to be well-maintained if you ever hope to reach your weight loss end goals. The path to a better body is not paved with sugars and processed carbohydrates.

Select healthier choices whenever possible, count the calories you consume, and remain consistent in doing so. In time, your weight loss dreams will become a reality. This holds true whether you choose to wear a sweat suit or not. To see the results of your weight loss goals take shape, it begins in the kitchen.

Take Control of Surrounding Temperature

Some people think it's so hard to lose weight in the winter because of the inability to sweat as often as you would during the summer months. This is only partly true. In fact, you have the ability to lose more weight during the winter, as shivering can burn additional calories.

Often, those calories come back because when they start to burn, you become hungrier, and your body wants to replenish what it lost. Thankfully, this is the perfect time for a heat-retaining sweat suit or vest to help burn fat and keep it off.

You can work on your weight loss during workouts while wearing sweat apparel and utilize the cold to shiver away additional calories when not in the gym. However, if the cold ever gets to be too much, a piece of heat-trapping clothing can help you retain body heat.

Avoid Wearing It For Too Long

Once your workout is complete, you should remove your vest immediately. Wearing a heat-trapping vest for too long can expose your body to excessive heat. This will then result in health complications that you could have easily avoided. SqueezMeSkinny's heat-trapping sweat vests come with a zipper making removal quick and painless. Putting another win in the column of sweat vests when comparing heat-trapping sweat vests vs. sauna suits.

Things To Consider When Purchasing Sweat Apparel

When in the market for some brand-new sweat apparel, here is a list of things that you should always consider:

Make Sure It Fits

The size of your suit or vest should be a major factor in your purchase. Generally, you'll want to ensure your investment will fit your frame. Sauna suits usually are better purchased in a looser fit. On the other hand, a heat-trapping sweat vest is better when purchased in a smaller size.

Heat-trapping sweat vests are often more comfortable overall as they are easier to wear, use, and wash when compared to a sauna suit. They are less restrictive, keep you dry, and just fit your frame better.

Make Sure To Wash It Properly

Perspiration rates are high while wearing a heat-trapping sweat vest. Although our sweat vests absorb your sweat, when allowed to build up for too long, it can cause an odor issue. So do yourself and those around you a favor and clean the vest properly after each use.

Sauna suits are notoriously difficult to clean properly. Hardly any of them are machine wash safe. Squeez Me Skinny's sweat vests are machine washable and an overall better solution to your weight loss needs.