Corset Training in Style With SqueezMeSkinny
Waist Trainer Knowledge

Corset Training in Style With SqueezMeSkinny

You've probably seen the hourglass figures of models and celebrities and thought to yourself, "How did you get that?" Corset training is one of the more popular methods of achieving such a frame.

Corset training and waist training are sometimes seen as interchangeable. However, corset training is just a form of waist training, not the other way around. Corset training is just training with a corset rather than latex and rubber, as most waist trainers do.

Before you begin your waist training journey using a corset, you'll need to understand that it will be a trying task. You will not see overnight results, but through consistency, you can reach your hourglass-figure goals in no time.

Corset Training is Waist Training

Whether you're looking to shed the baby weight, create curves in all the right places, or look great in sexier outfits, a waist trainer can help you reach your goals. Waist training is a form of body adaptation where you cinch the waist to achieve a smaller waistline.

You'll be working your way up to wearing a corset daily, practically all day, to incrementally tighten it over time. The end goal being to achieve semi-permanent results of a tinier waistline. It will take time to reach these goals, so you'll want to ensure that the time isn't wasted by choosing the right corset.

The Right Corset Choice & Seasoning

Okay, now that you understand waist training, we'll review the finer points of selecting the right corset for contouring your body. To begin, you'll want to determine your measurements (underbust, waistline, hips, and torso length) to know what size is needed.

You'll want to select a corset size 4-6 inches smaller than the measurement of your current waistline. Squeez Me Skinny corset trainers come in sizes ranging from XXXS to XXL, so you shouldn't have any issue finding one that is suitable.

While working your way up to wearing a corset trainer daily, you'll need to season it. This means you'll need to get the corset trainer used to hugging your body just as much as your body needs time to adjust to the corset trainer. The time required will vary, but you should avoid tightening the corset trainer entirely until it has been molded to your frame.

Use the hooks to pull it snugly and wear it for a couple of hours a day for around three days. Then increase the tension incrementally until you can withstand up to eight hours of daily use.

Setting A Waist Training Schedule

This step has everything to do with your goals and when you want to accomplish them. There is no set schedule for waist training, so you can adapt and grow more comfortable at your own pace. Just be mindful that you don't put your health at risk.

When undergoing corset training, or any waist training, you'll want to take things slow and steady. You could attempt to cinch your waist as far as possible immediately. However, you're likely to cause serious injury in the process, which could ultimately set your goals back. Until you understand your comfort level, it's best to approach the entire situation with as much caution as you do enthusiasm.

Benefits of a Corset Trainer

If you haven't yet decided to use a corset trainer, then perhaps understanding the benefits of using one will help you in your decision. Waist training is usually the primary reason for anyone looking into corset training. Though, there are one-off cases that may make the option of a corset trainer seem more appealing. These situations include weddings and other special occasions. 

So why should you wear a corset? Here are a few reasons we feel are the most beneficial to those looking into corset training.

A Slimmer Waistline

We can go ahead and get the most obvious reason out of the way. Most women, and some men, look toward corset training to create a smaller waistline. A corset, in a nutshell, is nothing more than a compression undergarment designed to cinch the waist and emphasize the natural feminine curvature of a woman.

Some women want to retrieve a once-tiny waist that has been lost to childbirth, weight gain, and time. It's also possible that they may have never had the waistline they desired and wish to accomplish that task now. Regardless of your reason, the semi-permanent benefits granted to your waist from continuous corset training could offer just the body-contouring solution you've been looking for.

Addressing Posture and Back Pains

When you work a nine-to-five job where you spend most of your time sitting, it's not uncommon to slouch. This in turn, will cause back and posture issues over the course of time.

Working on your posture is almost non-existent in our society today. The bulk majority of individuals stuck in cubicles, in front of a computer, hunched over, is nearly an epidemic. A Corset trainer can help you get back to proper posture.

The improvements to your posture are almost immediate when wearing a corset. Though they are not specifically made for this purpose, they can still treat some underlying back conditions. Wearing a corset trainer for a consistent period can also help alleviate some back problems that cause pain or spine curvature.

Since a corset trainer provides compression and support to the core, it can help to ease pain symptoms associated with a sedentary lifestyle. But most importantly, your posture is sure to improve.

Facilitates Weight Loss and Helps Regulate Diet

Most people wouldn't even think about weight loss in terms of corset training. A slimmer waist, yes, but not actual weight loss itself. By pairing weight loss exercise routines and diets with the hourglass-figure-creating power of a corset trainer, you're likely to see remarkable results.

When wearing high-compression shapewear, such as a corset trainer, people are more likely to see results before they actually achieve them. It's generally encouraged for individuals to embark on their corset training journey so that they can see the results before putting in the work.

Upon seeing a slimmer waist, it's often the motivation necessary for an individual to engage in a weight loss regimen. Once the corset has been loosened post-weight loss, their appearance will continue to encourage further weight loss until end goals have been achieved.

Another encouraging element of weight loss is proper diet regulation. Eating while wearing a corset will often encourage the wearer to eat smaller portions. As time goes on, the wearer's food portions will continue to diminish until the diet has been regulated.

The reason for lesser meal consumption primarily concerns the corset itself. Its shape and contouring features discourage overeating to avoid the feeling of bloat. However, it is not advised to use a corset to significantly lower food intake over the course of the day. Daily caloric intake is still a requirement for proper diet regulation.

Waist Training Goals

It won't be until after you begin waist training that you'll have the experience and knowledge to set realistic goals. Though you may have a figure in mind, as well as a date you wish to achieve it, it may not be as possible as you'd like to believe.

Your goals will depend entirely on the waist training journey you choose to embark on. The main focus you'll want to have is allowing yourself time to adjust to the trainer so that you can set attainable goals that contour to your preferences as well as your shape.

Squeez Me Skinny can help facilitate those goals with one of our waist or corset trainers. Our steel boning design will provide more aggressive curves to your waist training results and never give in until you've achieved them.