Waist Trainer Vests for Bodybuilding, Kickboxing, and Fighting
Waist Trainer Knowledge

Waist Trainer Vests for Bodybuilding, Kickboxing, and Fighting

Vests that induce sweating, also known as waist trainer vests or heat-trapping vests, are body-hacking tools for fitness that improve health and athletic performance. A heat-trapping vest replicates a sauna's environment by safely raising body temperature to the same degrees.

Using waist trainer fitness apparel provides multiple health benefits, including increased weight loss during and after workouts. Consistent use of these garments during exercise can also lead to additional health benefits. You'll notice exercises become more efficient and effective, your cardiovascular health will improve, and your endurance will increase immensely. These additional benefits last long beyond the span of the training session.

This practical guide provides a thorough overview of heat-trapping vests, their benefits, and how best to use them to maximize conditioning. We also provide a summary of our heat-trapping sweat vests to understand better what they offer.

Do Heat-Trapping Sweat Vests Work?

Studies show that training in sauna vests can significantly improve performance. They also provide other benefits, such as an improved resting metabolic rate and body fat percentage. However, it's critical to practice safety measures by consistently replenishing fluids throughout your training while wearing one. Sipping water every few minutes during a workout can reduce dehydration risks and help with overall performance.

Women's Zipper Heat Trapping Sweat Vest

Our women's zipper heat-trapping sweat vest will create a personal sauna around your waist by heating your core. This one product will increase your metabolism, improve pre- and post-workout performance, aid in recovery, and help you burn calories faster.

The women's heat-trapping vest consists of an exceptionally versatile and flexible spandex and polymer fabric blend to increase your internal temperature and provide real results. Wearing one of our heat-trapping vests will have you sweating up to three times more than you would otherwise.

Our heat-trapping vest design fits snugly around your midsection and molds to your body while engaging in rigorous activities. As a result, the sweat remains trapped inside while keeping you comfortably dry on the outside. For this reason, you can wear the vest underneath your clothing without the bulkiness that comes from a traditional sauna suit.

Men's Zipper Heat Trapping Sweat Vest

Our super comfortable men's zipper heat-trapping vests will provide a sauna-like experience for your midsection. The special material of which it is composed makes it very flexible while increasing your body's temperature and absorbing the sweat that follows.

It's made of an ultra-thin fabric consisting of a spandex and polymer blend that is breathable and quick-drying. The high-quality zipper lets you pull it on and take it off relatively easily. 

The hot-sauna effect provides various scientifically-backed health benefits, including increased calorie burn, an improved immune system, liver and kidney detoxification, and much more. This machine-washable vest features an anti-roll silicone lining for snugness and an ultra-advanced polyurethane inner layer to preserve heat.

Benefits of Using a Heat Trapping Sweat Vest

There have been many scientific studies on the benefits and risks of using vests and suits for sweating. These studies have shown that wearing a sweat vest or suit consistently during your workout routine can help improve an individual's health and performance in numerous ways.

The chief factor and key to progress is consistency in its use. A person must work out at least three times per week, every week, to see results. The consumption of a healthy diet must also back up the routine. Eventually, with time and consistency, an individual will see the most significant results and benefits of using a waist trainer vest.

The benefits one can expect to receive from consistent use of our heat-trapping vests:

Improve Workout Results

With the use of a neoprene vest, the results of your workout can improve. You can reduce workout time by up to 50% by forcing your body to become more engaged, working harder and faster than it would otherwise.

Workouts become more efficient and effective by inducing a more significant physiological strain through a more elevated core body temperature. In doing so, it creates more sweat loss and increases workout intensity dramatically. As a result, the intense strain halves the workout time required to provide the same physical fitness end goals you're hoping to achieve.

Enhance Muscle Building

Sweating while wearing one of our heat-trapping vests can help you build more muscle during the same workout routine. The intense heat releases heat shock proteins, also known as muscular hypertrophy, which mend, protect, and expand muscle cells. As a result, more muscle growth in less time.

Burn Additional Calories

As the body performs at a more demanding pace during the same period while wearing a heat-trapping vest like our Zipper Heat-Trapping Sweat Vest, it burns additional calories. The more calories that the body burns, the more likely to achieve an adequate amount of fat loss. Engaging in such activity over time will result in an even more significant amount of fat loss.

Excessive Weight Loss

Weight loss is a direct result of building muscle and burning fat. Those who exercise with fitness clothing, such as a heat-trapping vest, will find more significant developments in overall weight loss. The same is true in maintaining that weight loss over an extended period of time.

Water weight is a significant factor that can be attributed to the use of a sweat vest. However, it is a temporary loss. Sweat apparel promotes permanent weight loss results by increasing the metabolic rate. By safely increasing the core body temperature, it responds with a need to work harder, using more calories in an effort to regulate itself.

Improve Cardiovascularity and Endurance

Studies have shown that overall cardiovascular health improves through the use of heat-trapping vests. A study by the International Journal of Research in Exercise Physiology revealed that body fat percentage decreased by 1.5% while maximal oxygen uptake increased by 8.5%. It also indicated decreases in cardiovascular disease risk factors.

Reduce Injury Risk

Increases in body heat during a workout routine show an increase in flexibility and muscle relaxation. As a result, it helps to make muscles more pliable, diminishes lactic acid buildup, and reduces muscle tightening and soreness. The combination of these benefits can significantly reduce the risk of injury during rigorous activity.

When To Wear A Heat-Trapping Sweat Vest

Any workout should be suitable for the use of a heat-trapping vest. Athletes often use them to improve performance and increase weight loss to heighten their health and fitness levels.

Activities, where a sweat vest can create an advantage, include:

  • Running
  • Weight lifting
  • Cycling
  • Yoga
  • Hiking
  • Wrestling

It's also not uncommon to wear a vest while performing simple physical activities such as housework to burn a few extra calories. Athletes, in particular, are more likely to use a sweat vest during full-body workouts. Doing so helps to promote higher levels of fat loss, boost muscle gain, improve overall cardiovascular health, and increase cognitive functioning while exercising.

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