What Is a Waist Trainer?

What Is a Waist Trainer?

You're probably used to seeing celebrities and social media influencers touting their favorite beauty products and exercise equipment in the press. Some are worth a look into, and others are just a lot of hype. One of the more popular at the moment that a lot of "regular" people are concurring as actually effective are waist trainers. What's different this time around is that both women and men swear by the results of this newfound product. Judging by the typical lifespan of these types of fad products, waist trainers seem likely to stand their ground for a while and are not just a fad, after all.

But exactly what is a waist trainer? Their name implies they can "train" your waist sounds like a corset. Waist trainers also look a lot like a corset. In truth, they both work much in the same way, providing compression to the midsection to give you a slimmer waistline immediately and training the waist to retain that shrunken look over time naturally. But modern waist trainers are more of an evolution of the traditional corset. More flexible and comfortable to wear, the materials used to make waist trainers can also help you lose weight – a much more efficient and effective way to slim the waistline than compression training alone.

You'll find all the answers to what a waist trainer is in this article. You'll want to know, too, as this is one of the few products ever hyped on Instagram or any other medium that can truly help you achieve your body goals – whether you're a man or woman. Most importantly, you'll see why SqueezMeSkinny has become the leading innovator of waist trainers, with features that allow you to get the most out of them from the gym to the comfort of your home. You need to pick a goal, and we'll help you squeeze into it!

What Is A Waist Trainer's Appeal?

Many people use the words waist trainer and corset interchangeably, but that is a little misleading. For many, what is a waist trainer's appeal is the same as answering what they find unappealing about corsets. That mainly revolves around comfort.

Everyone - even men - knows that corsets are famous for being uncomfortable. The phrase "pain is beauty" probably never applied so perfectly as it does to the traditional corset. This is because of the materials used to make them. The bodice of a corset is typically made out of fabrics – usually cotton or leather – with "boning" on the inside to give it structure. The boning is most often made of steel, though it was common to use wood or animal bones a few hundred years ago. Laces in the back tighten the corset to squeeze the waistline. A common problem women have experienced throughout the history of corsets is that squeezing can move the internal organs and shift the bones of the ribcage to allow waist training to take place – often to achieve an hourglass shape.

However, today's waist trainers are much more comfortable thanks to the modern design and materials used. The bodice of a waist trainer is typically made out of latex. There are variations used to give it its structure through boning. SqueezMeSkinny uses a unique technology called "Flexi-Boning," which is rigid enough to keep the waist trainer from bunching yet flexible to facilitate movement. It's a steel rod with a spiral design that moves with your body. We also use hook and eye fasteners in the front, with multiple rows parallel to each other to allow you to tighten it as you wish. Also, and very importantly, the SqueezMeSkinny waist trainers have an inner layer of cotton between your skin and the latex for added comfortability while wearing.

Latex is a fantastic material that provides a close-fitting waist trainer against the body and ample compression to the midsection. Our waist trainers at SqueezMeSkinny are available in several sizes to accommodate most existing waist sizes. The multiple rows of hook and eye fasteners allow them to be tightened further (similar to corsets) for waist training. You can achieve an hourglass shape by wearing them over time, like a corset. Still, waist trainers' latex material also helps you shrink your waist because of thermal temperature – which you will come to understand next!

How Can Waist Trainers Help You To Burn Fat And Lose Weight?

Waist trainers stimulate the thermal activity of your core because it heats up due to the latex. A higher thermal temperature will make you sweat more, which burns fat and increases your weight loss. This higher thermal temperature happens whether you are actively working out. Still, one of the most significant benefits of waist trainers versus corsets is that you can work out while wearing them. Anyone who has tried working out in a constricting corset would probably not recommend it!

But not all waist trainers are made the same. And in fact, designing a waist trainer to be incorporated into anyone's workout regimen takes a lot of time, research, and development. This doesn't stop the plethora of manufacturers that have arisen from advertising their waist trainers as "workout ready." Still, buyer beware - you'll want to purchase them only from a company with a trusted reputation. SqueezMeSkinny has earned the reputation of making the best workout waist trainers on the market, and with a closer look at our product line, you will see why. Here are a couple of examples that all feature the kind of innovation and technology you can count on to not give out before you do at the gym!

Neoprene, Burn The Belly Fat!

Our Neoprene, Burn The Belly Fat! option is an excellent example of what is a waist trainer with amazing innovation for equally impressive results. You can find it in our Traditional Sport collection at the SqueezMeSkinny online store.

Neoprene is a type of synthetic rubber material. It is superbly flexible, even retaining its flexibility in an extensive range of hot and cold temperatures. Neoprene can raise the thermal temperature of the area it encapsulates and force you to sweat as much as 3x more than you could without it. The Neoprene, Burn The Belly Fat! is available in your choice of torso lengths – 8", 10", and 12" – to allow you to pinpoint more or less of your midsection while exercising. We have added a meshing onto this waist trainer to enable your perspiration to evaporate and not pool. Because this garment utilizes several fabrics, we recommend that you order it in one size up if your waistline is between sizes.

Medium Torso 10" Exclusive Design


This Medium Torso 10" Exclusive Design Sports Waist Trainer is ideal for strenuous activity, including walking, jogging, or working out at the gym. The combination of latex and spandex helps to increase sweat and fat oxidation in the targeted area without slowing you down because of constricting your movement.

Our Exclusive Design waist trainers come in various colors and patterns, including camo, cheetah print, and other fun graphics that you'll love. But it's their effectiveness at training your waist with compression and raised thermal temperatures that you will appreciate the most! The inner layer features a unique blend of lycra and cotton that wicks away the moisture that would otherwise build-up due to the increased sweating during exercise.

What Exercises Can You Do In Waist Trainers?

Raising the thermal temperature of your core to allow more sweating means waist trainers are great for any cardio exercises, including the treadmill, bike, and elliptical. But are there any others? The answer is yes! And because of the added support waist trainers give to your abdomen and back, you can enhance several exercises that depend on those two areas for perfect form and proper execution. Here are just a few of them:

  • Squats
  • Planks
  • Deadlifts
  • Lunges
  • Leg Lifts
  • Leg Extension Crunches
  • Upright Row
  • Front Raise
  • Reverse Fly

Obviously, an exercise like sit-ups will be a little too difficult to do while wearing a waist trainer, but don't forget that, unlike corsets, putting on and taking off a waist trainer requires minimal effort. 

Enhance The Benefits Of Waist Trainers By Wearing Them Every Day!

Waist trainers will enhance your workouts by providing more support to your back and abdomen while also raising the thermal temperature of your core for more targeted weight loss. But, unless you exercise every day and all day long, you will be missing out on the waist training that extended periods of compression provided. The latex in waist trainers also needs special care and cleaning, which involves allowing it to air dry only and means your workout waist trainer may be out of service for a few hours between exercise sessions. However, you don't have to sit around waiting if you buy two or more!

Waist trainers from SqueezMeSkinny are relatively inexpensive (part of the superior value we offer). We even have flexible payment options that allow you to stretch out your investment. You've seen a few select options available from our Traditional Sport collection (of which there are many more to discover). Still, we recommend getting the most out of what waist trainers can do for your body goals by ordering from our Aggressive Style collection. These waist trainers are designed to be worn every day, with the comfort and compression you need to train that waist into submission! Here is a look at a few options you will find there:

8" Short Torso Aggressive

The 8" Short Torso Aggressive is currently the shortest waist trainer we make at SqueezMeSkinny. However, as the name implies, this option isn't short on aggression in targeting the smallest section of your waistline with maximum compression to achieve that iconic hourglass figure!

Its "All Latex" design shapes your body instantly to shed up to three inches around the midsection. That will give you more confidence today and, as you continue training your waist over time, will achieve the look you've always wanted in the future! We recommend that you gradually build yourself up to wearing the 8" Short Torso Aggressive waist trainer for 1 to 2 hours initially, and then, as you get more comfortable, no more than 10 hours a day.

Hide The Back Fat, Long Torso Vest

The Hide The Back Fat, Long Torso Vest is the perfect waist trainer for everyday wear that will hide that stubborn fat on your back. A vest-style waist trainer offers more support to the bust and coverage of the back. They also work to contour the midsection and squeeze the tummy flat, similar to our band-style waist trainers.

Other Benefits Of An Everyday Waist Trainer

Wearing a waist trainer daily for several hours at a time will slim your profile immediately and train your waist over time, but it has some other benefits, too. One of them is that it improves your posture. Standing and sitting incorrectly are two of the leading causes of chronic back pain. Waist trainers give your back and abdomen more support, making it harder to slouch and put strain on your muscles.

Waist trainers also help you lose weight by acting as a non-surgical lap band. The amount of compression a waist trainer applies to your belly will close off the stomach and reduce your appetite. You'll crave less food, consume fewer calories, and find dieting and weight loss more manageable when wearing a waist trainer.

The SqueezMeSkinny Online Store

Now that you know what a waist trainer is and how it can help you achieve your body goals, you only need to choose the top-rated company to buy them from! Our waist trainers are made with the highest quality materials and innovative designs to help you get all of the benefits of this fantastic product. We have waist trainers for every body type, both women and men. Browse our extensive collections today at the SqueezMeSkinny online store.


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