Choosing Good Waist Trainers

Choosing Good Waist Trainers

Waist trainers have gained popularity thanks in part to an explosion of attention and kudos from celebrities and social media influencers as of late. But do waist trainers offer a ray of hope for helping those struggling with diet and exercise alone to finally move towards achieving their body goals, or are they all hype? The answer is they can indeed help, but with one important caveat: that you use good waist trainers.

Not All Waist Trainers Are Made The Same

When anything grows to a certain level of popularity, it's often the case that it has merits behind its rise but is also followed by a slew of knock-offs and pretenders riding on its coattails. This is most definitely true for waist trainers, which are produced now by thousands of different manufacturers. They all claim their product is the premier in terms of waist training. They claim the ability to allow you to drop several inches off of your waistline in a fraction of the time of their competitors and give you that coveted hourglass figure you've always dreamed of.

The ones that don't mention the wearer's work to maximize results should be your first sign that they are not good waist trainers. A lack of variety in sizes to suit all body shapes is another red flag, along with an absence of innovative designs and materials that make them more effective. Add to that the lack of a dedicated customer service team to support you throughout your journey of transfiguration - the list goes on and on.

What Value Do They Offer?

This article will go on with that list because SqueezMeSkinny is unique among manufacturers of waist trainers for providing all of those aspects others lack and more. You'll see some examples of waist trainers in multiple sizes and torso lengths designed with materials and technology that are both effective and comfortable.

Our online store has different collections specifically to be worn either at the gym or as everyday wear under your regular clothing. In our blogs section, you'll find helpful information about caring for your investment and tips on getting the most out of your waist trainer. Your efforts should focus on achieving your body goals and not on worrying if a company stands behind its products. You're one step closer with Squeeze Me Skinny, not just because we make good waist trainers, but because we make the best waist trainers, and with a dedication to service you can count on!

"Good" Begins With The Right Waist Trainer For You

Before getting into the details of our own innovative and stylish collections of waist trainers (which will be worth the wait!), a little preamble on how you should go about judging good waist trainers is appropriate. And it should begin based on your goals for buying one (or more) in the first place.

Waist trainers serve two primary purposes.

  • They are used similar to corsets. Worn under the clothes, waist trainers effectively smooth out curves to give an immediate slimming of your profile
  • They are worn during your exercise routines. Here, waist trainers work to make exercise more efficient and effective. Hence the much sportier name of waist trainers.

What Is The Difference Between a Corset and a Waist Trainer?

First of all, a waist trainer is often referred to as a corset - it has the same general shape, and it goes around the waist where it applies compression, after all - but they are not precisely the same thing. The difference can be seen (and felt!) in their construction. Corsets typically use fabrics like cotton or satin or a heartier material like leather to craft the bodice, with steel busks in the center front to make it flat and straight (or wood, ivory, bone, or another rigid medium in the past) and is tightened with laces in the back. Waist trainers, on the other hand, primarily use latex, steel or plastic boning, and hook and eye clasps in the front.

Corsets are very uncomfortable to wear, bulky, and an absolute pain to put on or take off. Waist trainers are less bulky, typically easier to put on or take off, and can be painless to wear if they're made with the right features - you'll see that the SqueezMeSkinny models rate very high for being good waist trainers in this regard!

The flexibility of waist trainers makes them great workout buddies - you will probably never, ever, want to hit the gym in a corset - and that latex has another health benefit: it makes you sweat more! This is how "waist training" also varies between corsets and actual waist trainers.

Corsets use compression alone, crushing your waistline into submission and, as you've probably heard, can shift your rib cage and internal organs in the process. Waist trainers have some pretty impressive compressing power of their own that can train your waist into a permanent hourglass shape, just not quite as dramatic without the aid of healthy eating and an active lifestyle.

Analyzing Your Goals: A Slim Profile For Tonight, or Slim Tonight and Stunning Tomorrow?

Answering the question of what you aim to get out of a waist trainer will navigate you to the right one. This is especially true when shopping from SqueezMeSkinny because we have two collections full of great waist trainers (great waist trainers). Our collections are divided into two categories: Traditional Sport Waist Trainers made for incorporating into your workout routines, and the Aggressive Style collection of waist trainers, which are designed to be worn all day, every day.

A waist trainer from either of these collections will apply ample compression to your midsection, which, if continuously worn, will train your waist to remain tighter and slimmer. But the Traditional Sport Waist Trainers have more flexibility to allow a fuller range of motion for you to carry out your exercise regimen. Some of them even utilize different technological features and materials to enable you to get more out of your workout - which we'll talk about shortly. Waist trainers from our Aggressive Style collection have a range of compressive levels up to the extreme. They are designed to be worn for several hours a day, continuing the training to your waist even after you've forgotten you're wearing it!

This isn't to say that waist trainers from our Aggressive Style collection cannot help you to lose weight - they will. They do so by acting as what is known as a non-surgical lap band. You may have heard of a surgically implanted lap band. This is a method of bariatric surgery used to treat obesity. A silicone band similar to a rubber band is tied around the upper part of the stomach, constricting it. A stretched stomach from overeating makes your appetite only grow accordingly, and by constricting, the stomach cravings are proportionately reduced. Less hunger means less eating, which leads to fewer calories taken in and weight loss.

A waist trainer will also constrict your stomach and have the same effect as a lap band, though without the invasive surgery. A waist trainer that is worn daily and for hours at a time (we recommend you wear our Aggressive Style waist trainers for 8 hours a day and no more than 10) will lessen your appetite. In some cases, dramatic differences are noted depending on the compression rating and your current appetite levels!

The question, then, is how fast do you want to lose weight and see excellent results up to and including a sexy hourglass figure? A waist trainer for everyday wear will immediately make your waist thinner (all waist trainers will) and can help you to lose weight over time. But it's by dieting and exercising regularly that the process is sped up and produces stunning results - so which is right for you?

Should You Buy a Waist Trainer From Both Collections?

If you want to speed up reaching your body goals, you may wonder if you should buy good waist trainers designed for both functions - working out and all-day compression. That is an excellent idea and will maximize the potential of what good waist trainers can do.

You've heard the benefits of what constant compression can do - the non-surgical lap band effect for reducing your appetite and training your waist to stay thinner - but how effective are waist trainers designed specifically for working out?

Flexibility is one aspect, but workout waist trainers from SqueezMeSkinny can boost your workout performance even more. The support a waist trainer provides to your abdomen and back will help you to push yourself to your absolute limits for several exercises where perfect form requires a lot of pressure on those areas. These include pushups, squats, lunges, deadlifts, planks, etc. Our workout waist trainers also utilize a unique All-Latex design that raises your thermal temperature, increasing how much you sweat. This will improve your cardio's effectiveness and allow you to burn more calories.

Our workout waist trainers use more flexible materials that enable your body to get more out of your workouts - but you'll hear all about that in the section below!

What Good Waist Trainers Look Like: Select Options From The SqueezMeSkinny Collections

It's all about the details of separating good waist trainers from the bad or mediocre. Most companies in this market sell just one waist trainer that is supposed to be meant for everyone - as if any two bodies are the same. A smaller pool of manufacturers has a slightly more comprehensive range of offerings. Still, it's unlikely that any has a collection to rival ours at SqueezMeSkinny - and almost certainly not with the same level of unique features. Here is a small sample of what we offer to give you a taste of our innovative features and variety.

For Working Out

Many waist trainers are designed to boost your workouts from our Traditional Sport collection, but one stellar example we love showing off is our Neoprene, Burn The Belly Fat model. It's available in several sizes from XXS to 5XL and either a 10' or 12' torso length, but it's the material used that really shines. On the inside, which goes directly over and around your entire midsection, is a layer of neoprene. This is a highly flexible synthetic rubber designed specifically to increase your thermal temperature by as much as 3x what typical exercise can do alone. You will definitely feel the burn and the calories dropping when working out in this waist trainer.

Extreme Cinching For All Day Wear

Keep the compression even after your workout is over by adding any of the waist trainers from our Aggressive Style collection. You'll want to browse for yourself with so many options to choose from, but here is an example of one with features no other manufacturer can beat.

The 8' Short Torso Aggressive is our shortest waist trainer made to date, designed to aggressively target that smallest area of your hips to produce the most beautiful of hourglass shapes! Made of our exclusive All-Latex design, this best-selling waist trainer excludes the hips and rib cage when applying pressure, and it's amazingly comfortable thanks to an inner cotton layer.

Several More Options Available From SqueezMeSkinny

The examples of waist trainers available from the SqueezMeSkinny store don't even scratch the surface of the variety we carry. When you're looking for good waist trainers, you won't find any better than the range of sizes and features that our team has designed. All body shapes are accommodated, and choosing the right one is easy through our dedicated customer support. Do something proactive towards achieving your body goals by shopping for the best waist trainers on the market today at SqueezMeSkinny.


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