Waist Trainers Explained

Waist Trainers Explained

Waist trainers have recently begun trending, thanks in part to celebrities and social media influencers making these products so visible. If you've seen pictures of people you follow wearing them, you may think that they are a new type of shapewear to smooth curves and take a few inches off the midsection for a more comfortable and confident look. You would be partly correct. Waist trainers will immediately allow a person to drop a couple of dress sizes, that is true, but they can be used to do much more - up to and including helping to make that sexier profile permanent!

A lot of what waist trainers can do depends on their quality. SqueezMeSkinny is the leading manufacturer of waist trainers because we use only the best materials and innovative designs and technology. Whether you want to achieve that iconic hourglass figure or utilize the edge waist trainers to enhance workouts and burn fat, our waist trainers are the most effective. They were designed to help you conquer your body and weight loss goals. Here is some information on what is possible when you buy the best waist trainers exclusively from the SqueezMeSkinny online store.

What Is A Waist Trainer?

Waist trainers are used to doing just what their name implies - "train" waists. A trained waist results from constant compression by a device worn around the midsection until memory is developed so that it retains a slimmer profile on its own. The effect is semi-permanent, meaning the waist can lose that memory over time if you stop wearing the device altogether. It's similar to how some materials can remain stretched out or flattened depending on pulling or compressing them enough. Waist trainers are sometimes called corsets, but there are essential differences between these two devices and how either can train your waist.


Differences Between Waist Trainers and Corsets

Achieving a trained waist by compression over time is semi-permanent, which can be done with either a corset or waist trainers. Still, waist trainers can have a more lasting "trained" effect when combined with a diet and fitness regimen. This is thanks to what materials waist trainers are made with versus corsets, which are designed to allow you to do just that, whereas trying to workout with a corset would be very uncomfortable!

Corsets have been a staple fashion product among women for centuries. When put on, they will immediately reduce the waistline by a few inches, and over time, an hourglass figure can be had by gradually increasing their tightness. Corsets typically use cotton, satin, or leather to form their main bodice, with steel boning for shape and structure and lacing in the back for tightening. They are effective but immensely constricting and uncomfortable. They can also cause the bones in the wearer's ribcage to shift and rearrange their internal organs to achieve the effect. Possibly where the phrase pain is beauty is derived?

Modern waist trainers can be thought of as an evolution of the traditional corset. The best waist trainers, such as those from SqueezMeSkinny, are made with latex for the bodice and either plastic or steel to provide structure and shape to the frame. Instead of laces in the back, tightening is achieved by hook and eye clasps in the front.

SqueezMeSkinny waist trainers are unique in that we use our own technology in many aspects of their design. Our "Flexi-Bone" technology in the bodice allows you even more flexibility than latex already does. We add a layer of cotton on the inside to make them even more comfortable to wear. Our All-Latex material has superior strength to other waist trainers on the market. We also provide three rows of hook and eye fasteners on the front of our waist trainers to allow you to tighten them for more compression and as your waistline shrinks.

Types Of Waist Trainers

When you browse collections of other manufacturers, you're likely to find few variations. SqueezMeSkinny has been so successful because we design waist trainers in a myriad of sizes to accommodate so many different body shapes in the population and for various purposes. Our types of waist trainers are broken down into three collections at the SqueezMeSkinny online store:

  • The Aggressive Style collection is waist trainers designed to be worn for up to 10 hours a day. It would be best if you broke in your All-Latex waist trainers for everyday wear by gradually building yourself up. Start by wearing them for 1 to 2 hours a day until you are comfortable. We recommend not wearing them for longer than 10 hours.
  • Our Traditional Sport waist trainers are a collection specifically designed to be worn during your workout routine. Some of them utilize unique materials that will enhance the effectiveness of your exercise regimen even further!
  • We also have a growing collection of Waist Trainers for Men! More men are beginning to realize the benefits of waist trainers for their immediate slimming results and for allowing them to push their limits further at the gym.

To give you an idea of how we've set ourselves apart from any other producer of waist trainers on the market, here is a brief overview of a few from each collection and their features:


Aggressive Style

Constant compression is key for developing a trained waist. That requires waist trainers with the comfortability that allows you to wear them all day, every day, and the high-quality components to last. Our clients looking for that kind of hourglass figure seen in magazines and on the silver screen can do no better than our amazingly popular 8' Short Torso Aggressive line.

The 8' Short Torso Aggressive is the shortest waist trainer we make, explicitly targeting that smallest portion of the waist to accentuate an hourglass figure aggressively. This model can accommodate a range of current waist sizes from XxxSmall to XL. It will not compress on your ribs or hips, and the form-fitting nature of the All-Latex design makes it invisible when worn underneath your clothing. It is perfect for anyone wanting fast and dramatic changes to their body contour.

Our Long Torso 12" UNBELIEVABLE CURVES MAXIMUM COMPRESSION WAIST TRAINER spreads out the squeezing power of latex to accentuate your stunning curves. It features more of our unique Flexi-Boning technology and is one of the longest waist trainers we have available. The added layer of cotton lining the inside adds a protective barrier between your skin and the latex. This adds more comfort when wearing your trainer at home, at work, to a special event, or out on the town.

The Medium Torso 10" UNBELIEVABLE CURVES MAXIMUM COMPRESSION WAIST TRAINER provides maximum compression to your midsection for instant confidence-boosting and eventually achieving a trained waist when worn continuously. The 10' length of these waist trainers gives you great versatility in what you can wear over them, including those low-cut shirts and dresses.


Traditional Sport

Our Traditional Sport collection features waist trainers designed to give you the full range of motion needed when doing your workout routine. But we don't stop there - SqueezMeSkinny is a leader in innovation regarding materials and technology used. Our Traditional Sport waist trainers can provide compression and increase your perspiration - doubling or even tripling the effectiveness and efficiency of your exercise.

A great example of the superior value you will find when shopping the Traditional Sport collection of waist trainers is the Neoprene, Burn The Belly Fat! model. It's available in a range of sizes - XxSmall to 5XL - and either 10' or 12' torso length. It features our exclusive Flexi-Bone technology and three rows of hook and eye fasteners, and medium to maximum compression levels. But what really makes these waist trainers stand out is that they use latex, cotton, and a material that will seriously enhance your workout: neoprene.

Neoprene is a synthetic rubber material with several valuable benefits when used as a workout waist trainer. Neoprene is exceptionally flexible - even in extreme cold or hot temperatures - and it also raises your thermal temperature enough to cause you to sweat 3x as much when exercising! Because this model uses many different types of fabrics, we recommend that clients order one size up when ordering if they are between pant sizes.

Men's Waist Trainers

Men, too, have options at the SqueezMeSkinny online store from our Men's Waist Trainers collection. Our #1 Best Selling Waist Trainer For Men provides maximum compression and is not visible from underneath clothing. It has three rows of hooks and utilizes our All-Latex design for freedom of movement and to raise the body's thermal temperature - all great features to allow it to be incorporated into a workout regimen.

Exercises That You Can Do With A Waist Trainer

What sets waist trainers apart from corsets is that they can (and should) be incorporated into a workout routine to maximize their waist training effectiveness. Latex (with an inner layer of cotton for comfort) waist trainers allow much more flexibility without reducing compression. Latex also raises the thermal temperature of the wearer to enable them to sweat more, which helps burn calories and fat. Waist trainers also provide extra support to the back and abdomen for better form and proper execution. Here are some great exercises that fitness experts often recommend people do when wearing them:

  • Cardio Exercise - (treadmill, bike, stair climber, elliptical machine, or going out for a run while wearing waist trainers)
  • Squats
  • Deadlift
  • Plank (rotating and stationary)
  • Reverse Fly
  • Reverse Lunges
  • Front Raise
  • Upright Row
  • Jumping Jacks

Diet And Nutrition Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Waist Trainer

Healthy eating is a necessary component of losing weight, and waist trainers can help make it easier! Waist trainers can act as a non-surgical lap band. A surgically implanted lap band is done through bariatric surgery to treat obesity. A doctor places a silicone band around the top portion of the stomach, which causes the patient to feel less hungry and consume fewer calories. Waist trainers have the same effect but compress the stomach from the outside. Consequently, you will feel less hungry and eat less while wearing a waist trainer. So long as you eat a diet of healthy foods during the process and exercise, you will have an easier time losing weight than without a waist trainer!

We recommend that you buy at least two waist trainers - one to incorporate into your workout routine and another that can be worn every day, all day long. That way, you get the benefits of a more effective workout and waist training, and hunger reduction from their compression.

Care And Storage

You'll also get the most out of your waist trainer by extending its service life. Latex is an excellent material, but it requires proper care and storage, or it will degrade. Always use mild detergents and soaps when washing your latex waist trainer, and never dry it in a machine or with a mechanical heat source. You only need to hang the waist trainer upside down and let it air dry.

Latex should be kept out of direct sunlight and stored in a cool, dry, and dark place. Never fold or roll your latex waist trainers. We recommend hanging it up in your closet for storage and rotating wearing it and another waist trainer periodically to allow the materials to rest.

The SqueezMeSkinny Online Store

Waist trainers could be the tool to finally allow you to achieve the body goals you've always wanted. They make dieting easier by reducing your appetite and exercise more effective by forcing you to sweat more. But to realize their full potential, you need to buy waist trainers made with the highest quality materials and innovative designs. SqueezMeSkinny makes the best waist trainers on the market and offers unparalleled variety and service. Shop all of our fantastic products today at the SqueezMeSkinny Online Store.


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