Popular Waist Trainers For Women

Popular Waist Trainers For Women

Suppose you're a woman looking for new ways to look and feel fabulous; good news! With this innovative tool, you'll quickly reach your body goals, and this one is sure to be around for a while! We're talking about waist trainers - an evolution of the traditional corset that works to smooth curves now but can also make dieting and exercise easier for even better results in the future. They have become so popular that searching for a waist trainer for women online or at a department store will overwhelm you with the myriad options available, but what features do you look for that separate the good from the mediocre?

New clients of SqueezMeSkinny are often surprised to discover that there are unique features available. That continues to propel our company into one of the leading suppliers of waist trainers today. By using innovative designs and technology, we have set the bar higher for what a waist trainer for women can do, with a customer support service unparalleled in the industry for educating and putting more women into the perfect waist trainer to reach their body goals. You'll discover in this article exactly what sets us apart and a closer look at some of the most popular waist trainers for women today sold at the SqueezMeSkinny online store.

The Rise Of Waist Trainers (For Women And Men)

Achieving a trained waist has been a popular pursuit for centuries now, mostly done through a corset. A trained waist reduces the waistline's circumference by applying constant compression. The waist develops memory over time until it naturally retains its new shape semi-permanently – meaning it will revert towards expanding again if the compression ceases altogether.

Waist trainers and corsets provide ample compression to train the waistline. Still, waist trainers have the added benefit of being able to help the wearer lose weight instead of relying on compression alone. This is primarily because of the different materials used to create waist trainers rather than corsets. You should look for one material when shopping for a waist trainer for women: latex.

The Latex Waist Trainer For Women

Corsets typically use fabrics such as cotton or leather as the bodice, with steel boning for shape and structure. Laces in the back are how they are tightened. Corsets, though, are notoriously constricting and uncomfortable. Waist trainers, on the other hand - the best kind - use latex as the bodice, plastic, or steel boning to give them shape and structure and are tightened with hook and eye fasteners on the front. It would be challenging to exercise in a corset. In contrast, latex is highly flexible and beneficial for working out due to its ability to raise the body's thermal temperature and promote increased sweating.

…And Men

Another significant aspect about waist trainers is that they are a unisex product. More men are increasingly becoming aware of the way waist trainers can enhance their workouts and their ability to slim the waistline immediately for more confidence with everyday wearing.

Unfortunately, most waist trainers' manufacturers focus exclusively on designing them for women – their largest market demographic – leaving men with few options. SqueezMeSkinny is unique in this regard because we have a dedicated collection for them with our Men's Waist Trainers. So if you're interested in sharing the value of waist trainers with any man in your life, be sure to order them from SqueezMeSkinny!

Losing Weight Is Easier With SqueezMeSkinny All-Latex Waist Trainers

That waist trainers are flexible enough to wear during workouts is great, but how do they work to enhance your routine and make losing weight easier? They do it in two ways: raising the body's thermal temperature to increase sweating and acting as a non-surgical lap band.

When searching for a popular waist trainer for women to buy, you should only consider those made from latex. SqueezMeSkinny waist trainers feature a high-quality All-Latex design, and we also have waist trainers specifically designed to be incorporated into your workouts. Our Traditional Sport collection has several of the market's top-rated workout waist trainers because of many other innovative features.

8' Short Torso Sport Waist Trainer

Consider, as an example, our wildly popular 8' Short Torso Sport Waist Trainer from our Traditional Sport collection. Many of our waist trainers are made available in various sizes to accommodate existing waistlines, but the different torso lengths also serve a purpose. This is the shortest waist trainer for women we make at SqueezMeSkinny, and it is designed to target just the smallest portion of the waist to carve out that iconic hourglass figure aggressively. Therefore, this short waist trainer will not compress upon the ribcage or hips.

Working out in the 8' Short Torso Sport Waist Trainer will help you to pinpoint this area of the midsection, burning the fat away with the increased heat caused by the All-Latex design. Our exclusive Flexi-Boning technology provides firm yet comfortable compression without harmful and annoying wires getting in the way. The triple row of hooks in the front allows for easy adjustment.

Long Torso 12" Traditional Sport Waist Trainers

Our Long Torso 12" Traditional Sport Waist Trainers have a much longer profile to target more of the midsection. These also come in a range of sizes, from 3xsmall up to 5xlarge, to accommodate almost any body shape. There are plenty of color options to choose from, as well. The Long Torso 12" Traditional Sport Waist Trainers keep the All-Latex design to maximize your perspiration. Still, the longer torso length also has the added benefit of adding support to your back and abdomen. Supporting these areas will improve your form when doing several exercises to make them more effective and help prevent you from acquiring strains and injury.

Neoprene, Burn the Belly Fat!

And we must make you aware of another waist trainer for women from the SqueezMeSkinny online store that is growing in popularity. Our Neoprene, Burn The Belly Fat! waist trainer is by far one of the most unique that capitalizes on today's technology to help you in the quest for weight loss and a sexier figure.

This waist trainer uses a mix of materials, including neoprene – a synthetic rubber that is highly flexible, even at extreme hot and cold temperatures, and can increase your sweating while exercising by up to 3x more! Neoprene will move with your body as you adjust through a range of exercises. A piece of mesh fabric is also used to allow airflow and evaporation so that the increased sweating does not lead to your midsection feeling like a swamp.

Make Dieting Easier With A Waist Trainer For Women Acting As A Non-Surgical Lap Band

The concept of a non-surgical lap band has been around as long as the corset, invented thousands of years ago. Waist trainers can also be used for those same traditional purposes – as long as they are made with suitable materials. A lap band is a band of silicone placed around the top portion of the stomach during bariatric surgery as a way to treat obesity. With the stomach constricted in this way, patients experience a reduced appetite, consume fewer calories, and thereby lose weight. When worn throughout the day, waist trainers from SqueezMeSkinny will apply pressure to the stomach and have the same effect of reducing your appetite for less caloric intake!

The key to this is wearing a waist trainer for several hours a day, every day. SqueezMeSkinny has a collection of waist trainers for that very purpose. Our Aggressive Style collection has the compression to enable you to eat less and have the built-in comfort for all-day wearability to maximize your potential for a smaller waistline. Here is a look at some of these popular everyday waist trainers for women you will find when browsing this collection at the SqueezMeSkinny online store:


This Medium Torso 10" option is made extremely comfortable by adding a cotton layer between your skin and the All-Latex exterior design. It provides maximum compression designed to aggressively sculpt the beautiful curves you've always wanted and reduces your appetite due to its ample amount of pressure applied to the stomach. The medium length of the torso and the form-fitting nature of latex make this a perfect option for being worn underneath most outfits in your wardrobe without detection.


You may be interested in other benefits from a vested-style waist trainer for women. One of the more popular comes from SqueezMeSkinny and our Hide The Back Fat Vest, Long Torso waist trainers. A vest waist trainer will give you more support in the bust as well as increased coverage over the upper back. This makes it the perfect option if you want to contour the extra bodyweight that accumulates in these areas.

This waist trainer also provides excellent tummy control, with maximum compression that trains your waist and reduces your appetite with a non-surgical lap band effect. The straps are fully adjustable for increased comfort, and it comes in a range of sizes to accommodate almost any woman.

Should You Own More Than One Waist Trainer?

There are significant advantages to owning at least two different waist trainers, one of which is that it extends their lifespan when you can rotate them out. Latex is a wonderful and versatile material, but it requires a bit of care. Stretching latex can cause it to break down with time, but when it is allowed to "rest" in between stretching, it will last as long as any of your other clothing.

You will want to wash your latex waist trainers occasionally, but if you are aggressively trying to train your waist, you won't want to skip too many days of wearing one. Your waist trainer from SqueezMeSkinny will need to be hung up – upside down – to air dry for at least half a day after washing. Never put it into a drying machine or use any mechanical device, such as a blow dryer. To wash, use only mild soaps and detergents, or else the latex can become degraded. Also, store your latex waist trainers in a cool place away from any light. Never fold or roll your latex waist trainer.

Ideally, it would be best to have one waist trainer meant solely for being worn during your exercise regimen. At the same time, your other waist trainer could be worn the rest of the day to gain the benefits of constant waist training compression and the appetite-reducing effects of a non-surgical lap band. We make it easier for you by providing two collections of waist trainers suited for each purpose – Aggressive Style for everyday wear and Traditional Sport for working out.

Buying a waist trainer for women is an investment you will want to ensure lasts for years to come. Because of the increased amount of sweat you will experience while working out when wearing one, you should be sure to dedicate extra time to cleaning and drying it. Having another waist trainer on hand to rotate will facilitate this. We also have payment plans available at the SqueezMeSkinny online store to make purchasing one from our collections less of a burden!

Don't Settle For Less!

SqueezMeSkinny is the maker of the #1 waist trainers for women (and men)! You won't find better features or more variety from anywhere else. We also have the best customer support services in the industry, with dedicated representatives always available to help you choose the perfect waist trainer for you and your goals. Shop all of our unique collections at the SqueezMeSkinny online store.


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