Choosing a Waist Trainer For Men

Choosing a Waist Trainer For Men

Every man struggling to slim their waistlines through diet and exercise alone needs to look into the benefits of waist trainers. The combination of latex and extreme compression work too effectively to be ignored. Many women are certainly taking advantage of the immediate and long-term effects waist trainers have on their figures. Still, it's men - who tend to accumulate fat in the midsection, whereas a woman is more liberally distributed elsewhere, such as to the butt and hips - that can arguably benefit most.

How waist trainers work doesn't discriminate against any waistline. Unfortunately, finding a dedicated waist trainer for men is difficult because too many manufacturers focus on their largest market demographic. SqueezMeSkinny is stepping in to fill that void.

We already make the industry's most innovative and advanced waist trainers for women, so extending our product line to include waist trainers specifically designed for men's bodies shouldn't be surprising. However, you might be surprised if you're a man (or know one!). Many men are interested in hearing more about the benefits of waist trainers and why choosing them from SqueezMeSkinny is the most proactive decision to be made to achieve your body goals.

What Are Waist Trainers, And How Can A Waist Be "Trained"?

With so few companies offering a dedicated waist trainer for men it's understandable if you don't know where to even begin with choosing one. Part of the value we offer our clients at SqueezMeSkinny is our excellent customer support services and wealth of information put out regularly to help. For those men completely new to this product, an excellent place to start your journey is with a brief primer on what a waist trainer - and waist training - is.

You may hear people refer to waist trainers as a corset, but that is a misnomer and instills the wrong perception. There are differences in each of their construction as well as their method. First, waist trainers - the best kind, including those made by SqueezMeSkinny - are made primarily with latex, while the bodice of a corset is typically composed of fabric or leather. Both have boning to give them structure and rigidity, but corsets use steel while SqueezMeSkinny waist trainers utilize a unique "Flexi-Bone" technology. Corsets are tightened with lacing in the back, while our waist trainers use multiple rows of hook and eye clasps in the front.

Both corsets and waist trainers can "train" your waistline. This is when sufficient compression is applied over an extended period until the waist retains a thinner profile on its own. It's similar to how a coil develops "memory" from being either stretched or depressed for a long time and becomes inclined to assume one or the other shape afterward. The effects of both corsets and waist trainers are semi-permanent, meaning the memory will wear off eventually if you stop wearing them. Corsets do it by their crushing power alone and can shift the bones in your ribcage and the internal organs in the process. However, with latex waist trainers, you get a lot more flexibility, which is essential in making them more efficient at training the waist versus corsets: fat loss.

A Latex Waist Trainer For Men Helps To Burn Fat

Compression alone can thin your waistline. Either a corset or a waist trainer can do it immediately, squeezing your waist down by three inches. When you add time to the process, keeping either on for several hours at a time every day, you can gradually make it tighter and thin your profile even more. You must burn fat and lose weight at the midsection for the best results achieved in the fastest time. Waist trainers for men are more efficient than corsets to attain this goal. 

It's all thanks to latex. Latex is less breathable than cotton or other fabrics that corsets use, raising the thermal temperature of the skin they cover. This will cause you to sweat as much as 3x more during your exercise routine! Our waist trainer for men at SqueezMeSkinny does have an inner layer of cotton between your midsection and the latex, though, to make them more comfortable to wear. The Flexi-Bone technology used in our waist trainer for men also facilitates more range of motion so that you aren't hindered during your workout session. Corsets' rigidity and general discomfort make them unsuitable to be used in this manner.

A waist trainer for men can be added to any workout routine to enhance the effects of exercise in more ways than by raising your thermal temperature: the compression and the amount of rigidity our waist trainers have to provide excellent lumbar and abdominal support. Many exercises can benefit from support in these areas, giving you the proper form necessary for more efficient and explosive reps.

"Passive" Weight Loss Outside Of The Gym

Even when you're not working out, a waist trainer for men can still enable you to lose weight. Latex waist trainers are less bulky and more comfortable to wear than a corset, so you can easily wear them under your pants for several hours a day, every day. You'll benefit from constant compression to train your waist to be smaller and increase the effect of losing weight through it acting as a non-surgical lap band.

A surgically implanted lap band is a bariatric procedure where a doctor ties a silicone band around the upper part of a patient's stomach. It's a way to treat obesity by making the stomach smaller so that the patient feels less hungry, consumes fewer calories, and loses weight more easily. A waist trainer for men has the same effect but from the outside. The extreme compression of the device against the stomach will curb your appetite and induce weight loss so long as you eat healthily and exercise regularly.

Other Benefits Of A Waist Trainer For Men

As spectacular as being able to train your waist, enhance your workout, and facilitate more manageable weight loss is, these are not the only benefits of a waist trainer for men! When you choose to shop the high-quality products produced by the best company making waist trainers today - SqueezMeSkinny - you can also expect to gain the following advantages:

  • Increased Confidence

For many people, body image is essential to healthy self-esteem. A waist trainer for men or women all has the same immediate benefits of smoothing curves in the body - so all of that extra fat in the midsection won't be so prominent as soon as you put it on. Whether at work, at an important function, or out for a night on the town, SqueezMeSkinny waist trainers provide the compression necessary to look your best. With an inner layer of cotton between you and the latex, they are amazingly comfortable, too!

  • Improved Posture

Did you know that poor posture is one of the leading causes of back pain? Slouching while sitting or standing can put immense strain on the back muscles and often leads to chronic pain that comes back time and again. One of the great things about choosing a waist trainer for men from SqueezMeSkinny is that our Flexi-Boning technology is flexible, yes, but rigid enough to make it harder to sit or stand with improper posture. You'll train your waist and your form to sit and stand tall!

Of course, this article has been talking about all of the benefits you can get when you specifically choose a waist trainer for men from the SqueezMeSkinny store. But you may wonder if you can get all of the same when buying from another manufacturer. The answer is emphatically no, and you will see why when looking at the innovative designs and technology that goes into our waist trainers.

A Look At The SqueezMeSkinny Waist Trainer Collection For Men

When any product comes out that attracts so much attention and accolades; you can be guaranteed that a horde of profiteers will emerge from the woodworks hawking shoddier versions. This is undoubtedly happening with waist trainers. When shopping around for a waist trainer for men, you should take your time, diligently investigate the product descriptions, perusing customer reviews, and take an overall inventory of the value any company brings to the market. We encourage you to take this approach at SqueezMeSkinny because we are confident that ours offers much more than can be found anywhere else!

As far as style, design, and functionality, we cannot be beaten. You'll see for yourself when browsing the Waist Trainers in our online store, but, for now, take a look at a couple of examples to give you an idea of what exceptional features and value we offer:

#1 Best-Selling Waist Trainer for Men

This best-selling waist trainer for men is your go-to aggressive compression device designed to instantly reduce the waistline now and further work its magic over time! Without a doubt, the best waist trainer for men on the market today, it features a super tight fit that becomes almost a part of your skin, and no one will ever suspect you have on when under the clothing. It has a long torso length to target your entire midsection with a higher thermal temperature when exercising or complete body smoothing when you want to exude a slim, healthier look.

Three rows of hooks on our best-selling waist trainer for men allow you to increase the compression as your waistline shrinks gradually. And we have this model in several sizes to accommodate most men's current waists, too - just go by your pant size when referencing our size chart in the product description.

Neoprene, Burn The Belly Fat!

If you want a serious boost to your workouts, you cannot find a better waist trainer for men anywhere than our Neoprene, Burn The Belly Fat! The materials used in this product have been specially designed to move with your body, and one of them - neoprene - has some different abilities that might make you never want to step into a gym again without it.

Neoprene is a lightweight, highly flexible synthetic rubber and raises your thermal temperature even more than latex can. Wearing it as you exercise will maximize your perspiration levels, mobilizing the fat cells in your body to melt away along with toxins. We added a mesh fabric to enhance airflow so that the sweat can evaporate - preventing your core from feeling like a swamp! Several functional materials make this workout waist trainer a little thicker than our waist trainer for all-day wear. Order one size up to ensure a good fit if you are between pant sizes.

Our waist trainers are built to last, but you can further protect your investment with the proper care. Latex is a material that needs some extra care. Be sure to only wash your waist trainer with a mild detergent or soap, and never dry it by any mechanical means - just hang it upside down to air dry! Also, keep your latex waist trainer out of sunlight and store it in a cool, dry place hanging up - never rolled or folded.

Shop SqueezMeSkinny

When choosing a waist trainer for men, you want to only purchase from a company with a reputation for quality and value. SqueezMeSkinny is the leading manufacturer of waist trainers for women, and we have expanded our product line to serve men with the same dedication to innovation and service. Discover the many benefits of waist trainers for men and achieve your body goals by shopping at the SqueezMeSkinny Online Store.


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