Short vs. Long Torso Waist Trainers: What’s the Difference?

Short vs. Long Torso Waist Trainers: What’s the Difference?

When looking for the best waist trainer for you, it can often be challenging to decide on the size. There are varying options, including a short and long torso. When it comes to selecting the length of your waist trainer, you should consider your preferences for use and the activities you intend to use it for. After accurately measuring your waist and finding the best incremental size, choosing a style is up to you.

Let’s look at some of the key differences between short and long torso waist trainers to help you make the best decision!


Short Torso

For those who visit the gym regularly and have goals to achieve, a short waist trainer is right for you. This trainer style is 8 inches in length and focuses explicitly on the waist, squeezing it inward. Because of this natural squeeze in the core, there is more play in the hips, and your muscles have room to expand.

The goal is to move through the hook enclosures and make progress inward. For additional compression, you can layer the 5-inch Mini Squeeze over the top to enhance the focus on the waistline.


Long Torso

A long torso waist trainer is 12 inches in length, and we recommend following the size chart for accurate overall sizing. The longer length offers more coverage and pairs well underneath clothing as it pulls you in and smooths you over in more areas.

The coverage design provides back support and only a medium compression, so it’s less restrictive while working out. Due to the increased coverage offered, targeted areas will experience fat oxidation through sweat and decrease your waist size at a faster rate.


The Key Differences

The differences between short and long torso waist trainers come down to the variations offered between styles, either 8 inches or 12 inches. You may wear both in and out of the gym, or while you’re out and about. It’s essential to obtain accurate measurements of your waist before deciding the best style for you to know what size to buy. After that, determine if you prefer an aggressive waist squeeze or a full-coverage compress.


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