How To Hide Your Back Fat and Feel Great

How To Hide Your Back Fat and Feel Great

How To Hide Your Back Fat and Feel Great

Men and women can anticipate back fat to some degree. It's an unfortunate reality many face, and targeting the areas of concern can feel challenging. Typically, the buildup of back fat divvies into three primary locations—the lower, mid, and upper back. The lower area is commonly referred to as love handles, and the upper back can often affect fat under the arms and at the sides of the chest region.

It's essential to remember that a bit of bulge is standard. But many would argue that their diligent workout routines and dietary supplements should help prevent any excess fat buildup. Sometimes, the exaggeration of back fat can leave one feeling embarrassed or ashamed, but other ways help combat the struggles. Let's look at how to hide your back fat and feel great that you can do it both in and out of the gym!

Common Reasons for a Back Bulge

Genetics plays a significant role in the overall composition of our body and mass, but how we structure our lifestyle can also contribute significantly. Things such as poor weight management, non-targeted workouts, and poor eating habits can add up over time and create what we call hot spots.

After reviewing your genetic makeup, living a lifestyle that reduces the stressors can make an impact on things like where our body fat stores. For example, not developing your midsection enough can lead to a disproportionate back and ultimately create back fat.

Ways To Hide Back Fat

One of the best ways to jumpstart feeling better about your back fat is to conceal it. From there, you can gain the confidence to target your hot spots and eventually tone them down.

For a lot of women, a big concern is the fit of their bra and improper sizing. As for men, it can often be a disproportionate midsection. Here are some simple tricks that can help!

Invest in Shapewear

One of the most effective methods is investing in a body shaper for back fat. The design and construction of a shaping vest can eliminate bra bulges while providing the firmness of everyday shapewear.

The front design clasps underneath the chest region and lifts the chest, creating a more erect posture throughout your back. This design allows for lifting the upper back and making a smoother, sleeker feel throughout.

Wear a Full-Coverage Bra

If you're aware that the issue is the result of a poor-fitting bra, consider swapping your bras for full-coverage styles. By covering more area, you can eliminate the chances of having a bra bulge. Another advantage of full coverage bras is their material, as it tends to be thicker than traditional bras and provides better compression.


Also referred to as a T- or Y-backed bra, a racerback bra has less coverage but can target the area underneath the arms where fat bulge affects some people. The structure of the material allows for a no-strap appearance in sleeveless tops.

Wide or Tall Back Bras

This is a more popular style as it's more comfortable underneath most clothing. The wide or tall back can provide coverage in the upper back while maintaining a compressive support through the bust. Doubling up this bra style can also create a heavy-duty lift in the wings.

Don't Compromise Fit

Increasing the size of your bra does not solve the problem. Instead, it can slip and slide and create a lump or bulge in a new area. On the opposite end of the spectrum, wearing a bra that is ill-fitting and sorely tight can generate an excess of bra bulge and highlight your back fat. A bra should fit compressive and snugly while allowing you free flow in movements and breathability.

Create an Illusion

Sometimes, we can downplay our back fat with the right articles of clothing. Elongating your torso with a deep plunge or V-shape can draw the eyes off a specific area of back fat. What's essential to remember when creating an illusion with our clothing is the placement of the selling point.

In this case, a V-shape should be positioned in the center of the spine area. Back fat tends to hover the edges of the skin, so the centered placement of a V can pull the eyes in, elongate the torso, and do away with any bumps you may be combatting.

Replace All Old Bras

Through time and wear, many things happen to bras. The elasticity wears out, sometimes they shrink, or worse, the material ages. If you have a bra you adore, consider buying a replacement right away and putting it up until it's time. Otherwise, some signs it's time to replace it include:

  • The cups become permanently creased or crinkled.
  • Sweat stains no longer wash off and create discoloration in the material.
  • The support is lacking compared to when you first bought it.
  • The fabric begins to disintegrate.
  • The back straps no longer sit in the right position.

Stretchy Fabrics Are Your Friend

Seamless, stretchy materials are your friend when you're trying to figure out how to hide your back fat and feel great. Consider investing in an under-all tank like the Incredibly Shaping Cami. It comes in three colorways and creates a sleek feel throughout the midsection and back. These are not excessively restrictive but offer a body-hugging firmness to provide a barrier between any visible back fat and clothing.

Dress in Black Garments

An unwritten rule in the fashion industry is that black clothing creates a slimmer appearance. Sometimes, other solid colors can also provide the same effects, but typically, nothing matches the power of black garments.

If you're afraid of appearing too dark and too often, opt for the stretchy undergarments and back fat vest and wear the color that makes you happy. Another option is to wear a black top with a splash of color on the bottom.

To learn more about the back fat vest and Shaping Cami, reach out to Squeez Me Skinny. We offer knowledgeable insight on all areas of struggle and can assist you in starting your fight against unsightly back fat.

How To Hide Your Back Fat and Feel Great


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