While waist trainers are a popular gym garment, many people still avoid them due to some common myths and misconceptions. Read this guide on debunking common myths about waist trainers to learn the truth for yourself.



Waist trainers and corsets are not the same. While they are both types of shapewear designed to enhance curves and create an hourglass figure, the garments function differently. Basically, corsets use steel bones and lace-up in the back as tightly as possible. They forcefully contour the body to the desired look. Waist trainers, on the other hand, are designed for active use in the gym or everyday body contouring. They’re made from flexible material to smooth the body and help eliminate love handles. Waist trainers are much safer because they’re not as constricting.



Don’t fall for the myth that a smaller size is better. Many people incorrectly believe that wearing a smaller waist trainer will lead to faster results. In fact, waist trainers are made to target your body type. In other words, you should only choose a waist trainer made for your true body size. Waist trainers are specialty garments you can adjust over time. Not only should you order true to your size, but you should wear the garment looser at first. Then, tighten it as you get accustomed to the look and the feel. Wearing too small of a waist trainer only promotes discomfort and pain. Since waist trainers are designed for long-term use, pick the right size that will fit comfortably around your body.


Myth: It Damages Your Organs

One of the most persistent myths to debunk about waist trainers is that they damage your organs. When people hear the word “waist trainer,” they often believe it will weaken their core, reshape their ribs, or damage their organs. Waist trainers are perfectly safe. In fact, the right waist trainer will strengthen your core and help you slim down. When you wear the right size, you can safely wear your waist trainer for hours at a time without bodily harm. Some people even wear shapewear for eight hours without experiencing health problems. Contemporary waist trainers don’t exert enough force to break ribs or cause internal damage.


Myth: Only Women Should Wear Them

Many people also incorrectly believe that only women should wear waist trainers. Again, this is a common myth that needs correction. Anyone can wear a waist trainer. There is no reason that men cannot wear a waist trainer. Everyone who wants to achieve a tighter midsection should consider a waist trainer as part of their gym wear. While men’s waist trainers won’t achieve an hourglass figure, they will help strengthen the core for much-desired six-pack abs. If you’re in the market for an extreme waist cincher, there’s no better place to find one than at Squeez Me Skinny. Our waist trainers help you achieve your desired body at the gym and throughout the day. You’ll see results in no time.


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