5 Common Waist Training Mistakes You Should Avoid

5 Common Waist Training Mistakes You Should Avoid

5 Common Waist Training Mistakes You Should Avoid

Educating yourself on proper waist training is critical to receiving the full benefits. It’s understandable when trying something new for a few mishaps to occur. Still, when it involves your health and wellness, specifically your body goals, it’s vital to do it properly to prevent bodily harm.

Here are five common waist training mistakes you should avoid and how to get around them!

Not Properly Measuring

Possibly the most significant mistake many make is not correctly measuring. It’s essential to note purchasing a waist trainer is not the same as ordering a new T-shirt. Measure once, then twice more to ensure accuracy. To cover all bases, measure the length of your torso from below the bust to the hips and around your natural waistline, which sits above your belly button.

Throwing It in the Washing Machine

Due to the frequency in which you wear an everyday waist trainer, it might feel natural to throw it in the washing machine. But it’s vital to avoid this as it can increase wear and tear or rust the clasps.

Detergents are harsh on the materials and components, so instead, opt for a waist trainer cleaning spray. This is a simple and effective way to ensure cleanliness in between wears, and it’s easy to throw in your purse or gym bag for those on-the-go days.

Jumping In Too Fast, Too Soon

Another common waist training mistake you should avoid is jumping in too fast, far too soon. Consider this investment similar to buying a new pair of shoes. It takes time to break it in and build comfort as it is an adjustment to your core and body. You must get your body acclimated to the process by wearing the trainer sparingly in the first few weeks.

Doing Core Workouts in the Trainer

Once you’re comfortable with the waist trainer and find a system that works best for you and your goals, be careful not to get so comfortable you attempt core workouts. This mistake can be costly to your well-being and damage the product.

Due to the constriction factor, your range of motion decreases drastically, so it’s best to avoid a core workout while wearing a trainer. Feel free to take it on and off around your workouts, especially as you’re building familiarity.

Not Wearing It Properly

Putting the waist trainer on the proper way might seem obvious, but sometimes we’re in a hurry and miss key steps. Ensure the bottom is at your hips and the top is under your breast. The top will be straight across compared to the bottom with a curved design. You also want to hook the clasps from the bottom up, as this will ensure ease during enclosure.

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