An Overview of How Shapewear Should Fit and Feel

An Overview of How Shapewear Should Fit and Feel

An Overview of How Shapewear Should Fit and Feel

Shapewear is a type of undergarment meant to accentuate your curves and smooth your figure. It’s popular amongst women who want to highlight their natural features in a safe, comfortable clothing style. Read this overview of how shapewear should fit and feel so that you know what to look for.

Moderate Compression

Moderate compression garments are those that offer some support with a firm hold. They’re great for beginners and daily wear. Moderate compression allows for greater shape and hold for everyday activities. It should not sag or give under slight pressure. These garments help smooth out areas on your midsection without constricting too much.

High Compression

High compression garments are different from moderate compression in that they offer a tighter hold. These garments are perfect for everyday use for full-body support. Originally, high compression garments were made for post-surgical support to reduce swelling and discomfort around the midsection. While still used for post-surgical support today, they’re great for women who want a strong hold for full-time wear. Unlike moderate compression garments, high compression may feel slightly uncomfortable at first. It’s best to ease into wear. Start loose and gradually tighten until it feels snug. These styles can be found under our Daily Wear section. 

Sport Waist Trainers

Sport waist trainers are another part of this overview of how shapewear should fit and feel. Whereas compression garments support everyday use, sport waist trainers primarily excel in fitness and intense activity. Sport waist trainers should feel tight around the midsection. However, do not restrict your breathing. Many waist trainers use lightweight, breathable material to reduce this issue. Perfect for weight training or steady-state cardio, you can bend, lift, and move around easily. Since waist trainers are designed to give you an hourglass physique, be sure it fits snugly around your midsection. If it’s too loose and you don’t see the expected results, tighten it. You may need to purchase a smaller size if tightening doesn’t resolve the issue. You can safely wear a waist trainer for eight hours at a time, but don’t rush into it. If it helps, start wearing yours for an hour or two. Then, increase this timespan until you can comfortably wear it for up to eight hours without issue.

Whether you’re looking for a moderate compression, high compression, or waist training garment, Squeez Me Skinny has it all. We specialize in women’s full-body shapewear to give you the hourglass figure you’ve always wanted. Our full-body shapewear promotes a smooth, slim shape for all body types. Made of only high-quality materials, these handmade products will last a lifetime. Order yours today.


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