When to Wear a High-Compression Waist Trainer
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When to Wear a High-Compression Waist Trainer

Wearing a waist trainer can make you look your best–confident and put together. Whether you are looking for an everyday waist trainer or one that is perfect for use at the gym, the tight compression of the garment will help you get the results you want. However, the level of compression varies between waist trainers. So, how do you know which one is right for you? 

High-compression waist training will get the most dramatic results due to the overall tightness of the garment. It's perfect to wear all day long under your clothes and see the resulting smoothness and smaller waistline.

If you're wondering what waist trainer is right for you, we'll go over more about the basics of waist training. Plus, we'll explain the benefits of high compression levels and when you should consider wearing one.

What Is Waist Training?

The purpose of waist training is to create an hourglass shape, lose weight, or help to intensify workouts. Depending on your fitness or appearance goals, you may be trying to accomplish all three. Whatever your reasons, waist training is a figure-enhancing tool that is popular with those who want a smaller and tighter midsection.

Waist training works by squeezing your midsection, focusing on the small curvature of your waist, and avoiding uncomfortable pressure on your ribs and hips. 

In contrast to corsets of the past, which had uncomfortable and unyielding steel bones and fabric that was constricting, modern waist trainers are designed with flexible rods that offer support but not restraint. Modern waist trainers are also constructed with fabrics like latex or neoprene that are conducive to sweating. This helps to intensify workouts and lose weight. 

What Is a High-Compression Waist Trainer?

There are different types of waist trainers available to be purchased. One of the big deciding factors that you'll have to take into account before buying one is the compression level. If you've done any shopping around for waist trainers, then you've probably come across this term before.

The compression level refers to the tightness of the garment. If the waist trainer is super tight, then you are likely to see more dramatic results. If the waist trainer is lighter, then you'll be able to move more freely and more comfortably in high-performance situations, like workouts. 

Every compression level comes with benefits. So, if you are trying to choose between them, it's important to weigh your options and figure out your goals. Are you trying to lose weight? Will you be working out in a waist trainer? Are you looking to see dramatic results in your waist size? 

All of these questions will help determine what kind of waist trainer you need. Of course, it also comes down to personal preference and comfort level. You might find that you prefer a lighter compression level over a high level. It's important to listen to your body and go with the options that will allow you to use the waist trainer as consistently as possible.

Can You Wear High-Compression Waist Trainers Daily?

High-compression waist training is perfectly fine for everyday use. You can wear one all day under your clothing while you sit at your desk in the office if you like. It's even recommended to wear it for up to twelve hours a day if you want to do so. 

Consistent use is one of the most important factors in seeing results. However, if you're ever uncomfortable or the waist trainer doesn't go with your outfit, taking a day off from wearing one won't set you back too much. Just be sure to continually practice a healthy diet and exercise routine to see the best results. 

What Are the Benefits of a High-Compression Waist Trainer?

There are plenty of benefits from waist training. But waist training with a high-compression garment will get you the most immediately noticeable results in your appearance. This is especially helpful when you have a special occasion coming up, and you would like to fit better into a dress or outfit. The high-compression waist trainer will dramatically cinch your waist, creating the desired hourglass shape.

High-compression waist trainers also give wearers a confidence boost. Though a waist trainer will not magically make you lose weight without an accompanying diet and exercise plan, waist trainers can aggressively alter your curves and reveal a body shape that you feel confident about. 

What Are the Differences Between Compression Levels?

There are a few key differences between the compression levels–light, medium, and high. Depending on your lifestyle and comfort levels, you may prefer one level over another. But for a lot of people, having all three levels is helpful as they will be suitable for different occasions.

The light compression waist trainer will fit more loosely than the other two levels, allowing for a maximum range of motion. This type of waist training is perfect to pair with workouts, as it will allow you to perform most of your workout routine without any issues. 

The medium compression level, or the hybrid collection, is very popular due to its versatility. When you want to amp up your workout, the tighter compression can make you sweat more, leading to a more intense workout. With the extra pressure around your core, your temperature will rise, and you'll break a sweat faster without doing more work.

The high compression level is for aggressively training your curves. With this trainer, it's best to avoid intense physical activities and should instead be worn for daily use.

When Should You Wear a High-Compression Waist Trainer?

If you're new to waist training or you're looking to step up your shapewear game, then you may be wondering if you should go with a high-compression waist trainer. The truth is that high-compression waist trainers can be worn by anyone. It's designed to be worn all day, every day. So, if you're interested in obtaining big results, then you should consider high-compression waist training.

You Have Previous Experience Using a Waist Trainer and Want to Level up Your Results.

If you have light or medium-compression shapewear, you may be looking to upgrade to a high-compression waist trainer after you've gotten used to the ones you currently are using. If you've gotten used to your current waist trainers and want to try something tighter, the high-compression waist trainer will work well. 

You Have a Special Occasion Coming up and Want Ultra-Flattering Shapewear.

One of the big benefits of high-compression shapewear is the noticeable difference in your waistline. Because the garment is squeezing tighter, your waist will look noticeably smaller than other kinds of shapewear. So, if you have an important event coming up, like a wedding, then you may appreciate the slimming effect of high-compression waist trainers.

You Want a Waist Trainer That You Can Wear All Day and See Results.

You can wear high-compression waist trainers all day, every day. There is no need to take breaks after a couple of hours. You can wear it while you're walking to work, sitting at the office, or eating dinner. And, when you consistently wear it, you'll notice the effect that the training has on your waist. Plus, when you combine waist training with a good diet and exercise, you can expect weight loss and an overall slimming effect.

Choosing the Right Size

Though high-compression waist trainers are designed to fit tighter than other compression levels, you should always go with the correct size. Purposefully getting a too-small waist trainer won't hug your curves and provide the coverage that it should. It's much better to go with the sizing indicated on the size chart and receive the waist trainer that's going to feel the most comfortable and look the best on your body.

Also, the waist trainer should never be painful. It's important to break in the garment by using it for one to two hours until you get used to it. It may feel initially uncomfortable if you've never used one before, but your body will adjust with time. It's meant to provide support and firm squeezing.

Wearing a high-compression waist trainer is perfect for those who want to look spectacular for a special event or those who want to see dramatic results from everyday use. Whatever the reason, high-compression waist training is safe and effective for daily use. However, if you plan to work out, then you should consider going with a garment from the hybrid collection. With a medium compression level, it still provides the support that everyday use requires but remains flexible enough to retain mobility for workouts. If you're looking for high-compression wear that you can use in your everyday life, then our aggressive waist training collection is the right choice for you.