Fitness Date Night Ideas
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Fitness Date Night Ideas

For people who love staying active and getting their blood rushing, active dates are perfect for connecting with your partner and staying healthy. While a lot of typical dates revolve around food and drinks, constantly going out to eat can wreck your diet and fitness goals. Active dates are a fun alternative to heavy meals at restaurants. Plus, active dates will have you feeling your best. 

These activities may not be intense workouts, but they are designed to keep you and your date moving and having fun. If you're looking to reap the health benefits of these activities, then wearing waist trainers will intensify these activities as well as keep you looking your best.

However, finding new activities to do with your date may be challenging. If you're having a hard time coming up with fun active date night ideas, we'll go over some of our top picks for creating memories while working on your fitness. 


Breathtaking views, fresh air, and quiet seclusion from crowds of other people are just a few of the headlining benefits of hiking dates. It's also a great way to save cash, as hiking won't cost you any money. 

Depending on the trail, the hike may or may not be intense. If you're looking to intensify the fitness benefits of a hike that isn't difficult, hybrid waist trainers will fit under your clothes smoothly. Wearing a waist trainer will also help you to look and feel your best on a rather unglamorous date. Waist trainers, even medium hybrid compression ones, improve posture and cinch in the waist. 

Gym Classes

Gym classes are a casual and low-key date idea that can help you both reach your fitness goals. Whether you want to try a new class that you've never tried before or you want to complete an advanced class that you both have in common, attending a gym class can be a fun outing. If you're looking to get all the benefits of your workout class, then you might consider making protein shakes to drink together after the class. Since it doubles as a meal replacement, you won't feel tempted to head out to eat at a restaurant. 

Bike Ride

On a beautiful sunny day, going for a bike ride around your city is a fun way to explore new places together. You might find a new shop or museum that you want to check out while riding around different neighborhoods. The possibilities are endless while you're riding, so it's a good idea to be prepared for this type of date. 

If you choose to wear a waist trainer for bike riding, it's a good idea to have something to prevent sweat odor and bacteria. Since bike riding, especially on warm days uphill, can be an intense workout, this all-natural waist trainer cleaner can help keep your waist trainer smelling fresh. So when you want to hop off the bike and wander into a shop, you won't feel overly sweaty and gross. 


Dancing has long been a popular date activity. It's great exercise, fun, and helps you bond with your date. Whether you want to keep things casual and fun by going to see a live band or you want to learn actual techniques at a dance class together, dancing is a great date night idea. 

If you're interested in waist training for this activity, you may want to consider a high-compression waist trainer. With this type of garment, you'll get the ultimate level of curve sculpting. So if you want to look and feel your best in your date night outfit, this level of waist training will get you the results you want. 

Rock Climbing

If you don't have a fear of heights, rock climbing is a fun and unique date idea. While you don't have to literally climb the side of a mountain, there are plenty of rock climbing gyms that offer the thrill of climbing high into the air. At rock climbing gyms, they'll have all the necessary safety gear and procedures ready, so if you're new to climbing this is a great option. It's a great upper-body workout, and also is a great strength training exercise for your calves, glutes, and core muscles.

Ice Skating

When the weather turns cold, it can be easy to give up on outdoor activities. But there are actually a lot of fun winter activities that will keep you moving and engaged. Ice skating is a fun workout. You don't have to possess serious ice skating skills to have a good time. Just trying a new activity that both of you may not be experts at can lead to laughter and banter. 

Roller Skating

Similar to ice skating, you don't have to be fantastic at roller skating in order to have a fun time. Heading to a roller rink for date night will no doubt stir up nostalgic feelings of skating when you were young. But even though it's a fun activity and an opportunity to let loose, roller skating is actually a good exercise for your thigh, hip, glutes, and calve muscles. 

Batting Cages

When you're looking for a non-cardio date night activity, you might want to consider heading to the batting cages. Though not traditionally romantic, you'll be able to get a little competitive as you try for as many successful swings as possible. If you're feeling really competitive, you may even want to keep score of who had more hits. 

However, swinging at the batting cages doesn't offer much intensity, so if you're looking to receive greater health benefits then you should consider the seaweed thermal wrap. You'll mostly be using your arm muscles while you're batting, so putting this wrap around your arms will help create heat in your arm muscles.


Running, though a simple exercise, can be a great way to connect with someone. Sharing goals, like training for a 5K race together, can help build your relationship stronger. Training for a race together can also be an excuse to get together more often for quality time throughout the week. 


Another winter activity, skiing is a deceptively intense workout. Typically skiing is a total body workout, but you might feel especially sore in your lower body after a day on the slopes. This cream is especially helpful for intense workouts, like skiing. Put the heat-activated cream on before you head out for the day to help eliminate fat. It also works to soothe sore muscles and recover faster.


Kayaking is a fun way to take in natural scenery. Plus, this activity helps to strengthen your should, back, and arm muscles. If you're looking for a unique date idea that can help strengthen your muscles, then kayaking is a great way to spend an afternoon. 

Overall, planning fun date activities don't have to involve a lot of money or unhealthy habits. There are plenty of fitness activities that are perfect for couples looking to connect with each other and make fun memories. If you're looking to gain the most health benefits possible, then waist trainers, wraps, and heat creams can help you achieve those results. These tools help you burn fat and intensify activities that normally don't cause you to break a sweat. If you're interested in browsing some of these items, take a look at our full collection designed to help you reach your fitness goals.