What Is A Trained Waist?

What Is A Trained Waist?

A trained waist is that hourglass shape, trimmed waistline that many people after. A combination of a healthy diet, exercise, and the right equipment, like a waist trainer, can help people work towards the appearance that they want. A trained waist is achievable in a safer, practical way with the products that are available from SqueezMeSkinny.

Attaining a trained waist is what many people are after when they use corsets - though the way corsets achieve this can have a negative impact on your body and overall health. Similar to corsets, waist trainers can also permanently reduce your waist size. They are also excellent devices for shedding a dress size or smoothing curves in the short term. They are typically less bulky than corsets, easier to put on or take off, and some include features that can help you to burn fat around the midsection. These benefits are a part of the reason why more people are abandoning corsets and choosing to squeeze into waist trainers today. Waist trainers are a more viable, sensitive, and comfortable alternative to a corset.

Waist Trainers from SqueezMeSkinny are the premier waist trainers on the market today. We use unique designs and state-of-the-art technology to craft waist trainers for different needs, including everyday wear, incorporating them into your workout routine and torso lengths to facilitate body shape and goals. To better understand a trained waist and how to achieve one with waist trainers, this article will discuss the variety of waist trainers from SqueezMeSkinny, how to choose the right one for you, and tips for getting optimal results when using them.

Waist Training With The SqueezMeSkinny Waist Trainer

First, take the time to learn the difference between a traditional corset and waist trainers. This mostly comes down to the different materials used in their construction and how they are used. Corsets are typically made from cotton, satin, or leather. Their structure is created by steel rods and the "busks" - the fasteners in the front. Before modern times, the busks were made from various sources, including wood, ivory, and bone. They are cinched in the back to create compression by pulling laces similar to a pair of tennis shoes.

But this is the most critical difference between waist training with a corset versus waist trainers: achieving a trained waist through a corset involves squeezing your midsection so tightly that your bones and internal organs are rearranged. This happens through consistent wearing and gradual tightening of the corset until your waist is permanently (so long as you continue wearing it, at least from time to time) smaller. There are inherent dangers in doing this, of course.

There is a safer way to get a trained waist with waist trainers. Waist trainers can be considered an evolution of the traditional corset in that it uses modern materials and a technique that is a little less, well, scary. Many waist trainers today use nylon, latex, or spandex. SqueezMeSkinny waist trainers feature "All Latex" designs in many of our available options and neoprene in some within our Traditional Sport Waist Trainer collection. We also add inner layers of cotton for comfort. These materials have several benefits over traditional corsets and other waist trainer brands, which will be discussed later.

SqueezMeSkinny also utilizes a unique front boning and side boning technology called "Flexi-Boning" to give our waist trainers their structure. Multiple rows of hook and eye fasteners allow the wearer to tighten their waist trainer to the desired amount of compression. These materials and the level of comfortable compression they provide can lead to a trained waist with a reduction of 3 inches over time.

Waist trainers from Squeeze Me Skinny are meant to be worn constantly and gradually tightened, similar to corsets. Still, the trained waist achievement comes from a combination of compression memory and weight loss - or the "right way."

Our Unique Collections

There is such a vast range of options available at the SqueezMeSkinny Online Store that must be seen to be comprehended. We recognize that no two bodies are created equally, and that's why we offer so many sizes of waist trainers as well as shapewear to help every man or woman achieve their desired look. SqueezMeSkinny is also one of the only producers of waist trainers that provide hands-on assistance in helping our clients choose the right size waist trainer for them. So feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions!

To also help you understand what a trained waist is and how to achieve one, it will be helpful to understand our unique collections of waist trainers and their purpose. Waist trainers fall into one of two categories:

  • Everyday waist trainers can be worn all day, working to help you achieve a trained waist (while you do next to no work at all!)
  • OR Waist trainers designed to be incorporated into your workout

For Your Workout

When you navigate to our Traditional Gym Waist Trainers collection at the SqueezMeSkinny online store, you'll be looking at waist trainers specifically designed to accompany you to the gym or worn during any workout routine elsewhere. These waist trainers apply slightly less compression than our Extreme models to allow you the range of motion necessary when you work out. However, there is still plenty of pressure to give you the trained waist you're seeking. Another unique feature of the Traditional Gym Waist Trainers from SqueezMeSkinny is their features that help you to target weight loss in your midsection!

One of the waist trainers we love most is the Neoprene, Burn The Belly Fat! Waist Trainer. Neoprene is a type of synthetic rubber that is very flexible even at extremely low or high temperatures. This material is added directly over where your midsection will be, and it promotes sweating up to three times as much as you could expect from just your workout routine alone. That extra heat around your torso and increased sweating directly correlates to fat burning and achieving a trained waist over time.

A mesh fabric enables good airflow, however, so that you stay feeling dry and not swampy from the heating effects of the neoprene. Neoprene is lightweight, and the size of this particular waist trainer has a long torso, so it covers the maximum amount of your targeted body area. In addition, the Neoprene, Burn The Belly Fat! and all of our Traditional Gym Waist Trainers provide extra support to your back and abdomen to allow you to work out even harder!

For Everyday Wear

You can find waist trainers designed to be worn in everyday situations in the Aggressive Style section of our online store. Many of these can provide even more compression than our Workout collection. That's not to say that they will debilitate you - you just need to follow our guidelines for breaking them in to grow more comfortable in them. We recommend that you start slowly, wearing them for between 1 to 2 hours a day initially, gradually building up until you can wear them relatively comfortably for up to 8 hours.

There are several options to choose from in our Aggressive Style Waist Trainers collection. The 8' Short Torso Aggressive provides some of the most extreme compression. Having the shortest torso length that we make at SqueezMeSkinny, it is designed to give you a trained waist over time without compressing your ribs or hips but targets the smallest curve of your waist to provide you with a prominent hourglass shape.

Maximize Your Trained Waist By Choosing Waist Trainers From Both Collections

Using just a waist trainer from our Workout collection can help you achieve a trained waist. Through the power of compression and increased sweating in the midsection, all of your workouts become more efficient. You can also achieve a trained waist by just wearing a waist trainer from our Aggressive Style collection for everyday wear. This is because of the "memory" your waist develops from being compressed over time - though it won't be quite as dramatic as can be achieved with a traditional corset.

You can maximize your ability to develop a trained waist and its results if you wear both. What this is really saying is two things: first, that you will have better results if your diet and exercise regularly, and second, that our Workout collection of waist trainers are better suited for exercise because of their design. But since it is unlikely you workout for 8 hours a day (hopefully?), you will still want to get the effects of compression duration from our Aggressive Style collection.

And wearing a waist trainer every day for as many as 10 hours a day has weight loss benefits in and of itself. One way is through what is known as a non-surgical lap band. A lap band is a way to treat extreme obesity by placing an inflatable silicone device around a part of the stomach. That will cause the body to feel full from eating less, leading to less caloric intake. A waist trainer and the compression it applies onto the stomach have the same effect but without invasive surgery. You'll eat less while wearing a waist trainer meant for everyday use. If you exercise regularly with a waist trainer explicitly designed for the activity, you greatly enhance your results - a win-win scenario!

What Results Can You Expect When Working Towards a Trained Waist?

If you have struggled to see results in your midsection with dieting and exercise alone, waist trainers can help push your body over the edge, reap the benefits, and have your hard work pay off. Waist trainers compress the midsection and increase your thermal temperature, producing more sweat and expelling water weight while exercising. That same compression also restricts the stomach, reducing your appetite so that you eat less and shed body fat over time. But there are other results you can expect, as well.

If you have been wondering how models and celebrities attain their hourglass physique, the answer is likely through either a corset or a waist trainer. Achieving that shape is rarely possible through genes but rather by a trained waist through constant, tight compression (and diet and exercise). That's not to say an hourglass figure is the best body shape or better than any other, but you, too, can have one through waist trainers. If your goal is simply more definition in the midsection or developing a trained waist to drop a couple of sizes off of your dress, that can be even easier.

Improving your posture is another result you can expect from wearing waist trainers frequently. The compression will help align your back and keep your torso upright, making it more comfortable not to slough for a change!

Ready To Develop A Trained Waist With Waist Trainers? Shop Only The Best From SqueezMeSkinny!

You don't have to hurt yourself with corsets to get a trained waist. Waist Trainers use better materials like latex to squeeze you until you're skinny! You'll get the maximum results if you wear your waist trainer consistently, eat healthily, and exercise regularly. Squeeze Me Skinny has waist trainers specifically designed for all those purposes. When you're ready to try this popular new technique for gaining a trained waist, just measure yourself using this detailed guide beforehand, or feel free to contact us with any questions.

Waist trainers are another tool in your arsenal for achieving your body goals. Browse all of our waist trainers and shapewear at the SqueezMeSkinny Online Store.


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