How to Rock a Waist Trainer in Style

How to Rock a Waist Trainer in Style

wearing a waist trainer for fashion

How to Rock a Waist Trainer in Style

First things first, get a Frencie lol j/k
but seriously doesn’t he look so cute?!

Don’t have a frenchie? No worries, We got you covered!
Our waist trainers look really great if you didn’t know. Our favorite way to dress them up is in a pair of leggings and a sports bra. Most women like the extra control this gives them through the midsection while wearing them and their aggressive elegance really sets off an activewear set. Especially all of the fun prints snd colors we have really add pop to any fit.

Another great option we’ve tried is wearing a bodysuit (sleeveless or short sleeve) with denim and the waist trainer over the top.

Get creative. Don’t be afraid to style them up or down – they’re essentially a trendy looking functional corset!


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