5 Tips for Working Out With Your Gym Waist Trainer

5 Tips for Working Out With Your Gym Waist Trainer

5 Tips for Working Out With Your Gym Waist Trainer

Working out with a waist trainer is easy and convenient. Not only does it help you achieve an hourglass figure, but it also helps with fat loss and weight management. Here are five tips for working out with your gym waist trainer so that you know what to expect.

Wear It for Steady-State Activity

While it’s tempting to perform a high-intensity exercise while wearing a waist trainer, this may be counterintuitive. Waist trainers are meant for steady-state activity. In other words, exercises in which you keep increased heart rate through long intervals, such as walking, cycling, jogging, or weightlifting. In fact, while cardio will help you sweat and burn body fat, waist trainers for weightlifting keep your body posture tight and erect. This enables you to reduce the chances of injury or discomfort.

Size Appropriately

Remember to size appropriately. When experimenting with a waist trainer, you may think you need it as tight as possible. Don’t do this! Your waist trainer should compress your midsection but should still be comfortable and breathable. Choose a waist trainer based on your body’s proportions and size. Some waist cinchers have hooks and loop closures for multiple sizing options. Start wearing your waist trainer loosely for an hour. Then, gradually tighten it until you feel it’s secure but comfortable.

Choosing the Right Type of Waist Trainer

When choosing the right waist trainer for your body, keep in mind the various types available. Conventional hook-and-eye closures are the most common for gym activity. You can adjust them over time based on your body’s changes. Vest-style trainers with strap closures provide extra support for the bust and upper back. They’re perfect for women with larger busts or individuals who want extra support in this section. If you’re petite, go with a small waist trainer. Petite waist slimmers fit small bodies and torsos comfortably and securely without bunching up in the midsection.

Know Your Limits

Of course, it’s important to note that any tip for working out with a waist trainer should pertain to your physical limitations. Don’t overexert yourself to the point of injury or discomfort. Unlike an everyday waist trainer, gym trainers are meant for you to wear for an hour or two. At most, you can wear waist trainers for up to eight hours, but give your body a chance to breathe, too. Not to mention, wearing a sweaty waist trainer for too long can result in unwanted acne and grime.

Take Care of It

With that said, take proper care of your gym waist trainer. Similar to any workout garment, wash your waist trainer regularly. Since waist trainers increase thermal sensitivity and perspiration, they can be a breeding ground for bacteria. These bacteria can manifest into unwanted smelly odors, acne, rashes, and sickness. Wash your waist trainer after use to maintain its shape, quality, and functionality.

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