Corsets vs. Cinchers: What’s the Difference

Corsets vs. Cinchers: What’s the Difference

Corsets vs. Cinchers: What’s the Difference

It takes a lot of work to build an hourglass figure. Whether you train furiously at the gym or opt for everyday shapewear to trim off some inches, the two main garments for a curvaceous body are corsets and waist cinchers. Since they both do the same thing, knowing the difference between the two can be confusing. Read this guide on corsets vs. cinchers: what’s the difference to know which one is right for you.


Corsets, also known as steel-boned corsets, are typically full-body slimming garments designed to redistribute tissue to create an hourglass figure. A corset can take about three to six inches off the waist. Modern corsets use cotton, satin, leather, or brocade with a steel busk in front, spiral and steel bones, and lace in the back. They’re meant to build an hourglass shape via tightlacing, but they also provide back support and are breathable. Keep in mind that corsets are usually more expensive than waist cinchers, and it’s time-consuming to lace up the back.


Waist cinchers also provide an hourglass figure but mainly only slim an average one to two inches off the waist. They’re made from nylon, latex, or spandex materials for easy, slimmer fits. Many waist cinchers are made for gym use, but you can wear everyday cinchers under your clothes for all-day use. Due to the lack of laces, some waist cinchers are not as sturdy as corsets. Also, certain materials, such as latex, can cause skin rashes, so be sure to wash your cinchers regularly, especially after a tough workout.

Which One Should You Pick?

When it comes down to corsets vs. cinchers, the difference largely depends on your preference and goals. If you want a tight, strong feel for serious body reshaping, corsets are a great option. Cinchers, on the other hand, are perfect for gym use to help slim down and tone your body. Either way, both come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and designs for complete versatility and effect. Both will provide great back support along with an hourglass figure to match.

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