Your #1 Waist Trainer (Choose Your Style)

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SqueezMeSkinny Your #1  Waist Trainer (Choose Your Style)
Your #1 Waist Trainer (Choose Your Style)
Regular price $73.99
Sale price $123.99

This everyday waist trainer will help you level up your waist training results and get more aggressive curves with this maximum compression waist trainer. This NEW Squeez Me Skinny Ultimate Curves Waist Trainer is designed with more steal boning than ever! Introducing the most aggressive style we offer. This is a must-have for daily use of contouring the waist. Built from the finest material Colombia has to offer, this Waist Trainer will not give in. Made tough to hold and mold your perfect figure. Fits great under shirts and dresses for when you are going out or just in the office. 

Shape your waist with one of our Sport waist trainers. Designed with a comfortable blend of Latex and Spandex, this one is a must-have for your favorite workout session and can be also used as an everyday waist trainer. Designed to provide back support while Increasing body heat in the targeted area to melt those inches off even faster than just diet and exercise alone.

You’ll instantly create a sexy hourglass shape every time you wear it as you work your way towards removing inches permanently off your waist. The waist training trend is a lifestyle choice that gets both celebrities and regular women raving!

Our premium waist trainers are made with a special blend of lycra and cotton. This sweat-wicking material is perfect for enhancing your workouts! The Flexi-Boning rods add structure to the squeeze, but they’re extremely flexible to allow for comfortable movement. They’re dual-layered with a latex exterior and breathable cotton lining, so you get maximum waist training and all-day comfort.

Not only is this Waist Trainer great for activities but you can also wear it throughout the day to enhance your results. Since it provides a medium compression this will be less restricting in the gym yet it will still contour your figure.   


    3 Hooks, 10 inches long 

    • The number 1 must-have for Body Contouring
    • Must have everyday waist trainer 
    • Made of our exclusive latex with an inner cotton layer for comfort
    • Front boning and side-boning (Flexi-boning) exclusive technology
    • Mold the perfect figure
    • Fast & dramatic changes to your body
    • Helps posture.
    • Triple row of hooks for easy adjustment and a customized fit.


    • Custom design by Squeez)Me(Skinny
    • Tummy control
    • Best waist trainer for sports and everyday use 
    • Increases sweat
    • Contours the waist
    • Made of our exclusive latex with inner cotton layer for comfort
    • Helps posture.
    • 3 rows of hooks for tighter adjustment.

    Ideal for exercising, walks, and workouts. Helps increase sweat and fat oxidation in the targeted area.


    Elastic Therapy also is known as Waist Training is a technique that uses memory latex in the form of a corset to help shape your body. Squeez Me Skinny Waist Trainers helps you reduce inches around your waist by compression and thermal dynamics, giving you the curves you have always wanted.

    Care instructions:

    • Hand wash and air dry with mild soap
    • How to use: wear latex on the outside, cotton inside


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