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Daily Wear Aggressive Waist Trainers

This everyday waist trainer will enhance your results offering the most amount of compression combined with quality and comfort you need for the perfect daily waist trainer.

Our New Squeez Me Skinny collection of Ultimate Curves Waist Trainers are designed with more boning to enhance your curves. It's designed to deliver the ultimate hourglass figure!

This is a must-have for daily use of contouring the waist.

Traditional Sport Waist Trainer 

Our Sport Waist Trainers are designed to enhance your workouts. It is made from a special blend of sweat-wicking material. Our Sport Waist Trainers are a great tool to help reduce water retention and bloating while providing back support at all times. 

Our top quality Flexi-Rods add structure to the squeeze, but at the same time they are extremely flexible to allow for comfortable movement.

Our Waist Trainers are dual-layered with the best quality latex exterior and breathable cotton lining, so that you can get maximum waist training and all-day comfort!  

PowerNet Line  

Our full-body compression shapewear promotes a smooth, slim, and superior shape. 

Getting rid of bulges has never been easier. Simply slip into your handcrafted garment and instantly loose up to a full dress size.   

Our Ultimate Shapewear Collection is designed to provide incredible control for your back, waist, and tummy, so you can feel confident everywhere you go!