What Two Waist Trainers Are Recommended?
Waist Trainer Knowledge

What Two Waist Trainers Are Recommended?

We at SqueezMeSkinny recommend using two waist trainers to help you quickly reach your goals: The Neoprene, Burn the Belly Fat! Waist Trainer and The Aggressive Waist Trainer.  Waist trainers will help you get more out of your workouts by giving your back and stomach more support and by raising the temperature of your core, which allows you to lose weight in a more targeted way. But if you don't work out daily and all day, you won't get the waist training that long compression periods give. The latex in waist trainers needs special care and cleaning. The only way to clean latex is to let it air dry, which means your workout waist trainer may be out of commission for a few hours between workouts. But if you buy two or more, you don't have to sit around and wait! 

The SqueezMeSkinny waist trainers aren't too expensive (part of the superior value we offer). Our flexible payment plans are flexible allow you to spread out your investment. You've seen a few of our Traditional Sport collection's best options (of which there are many more to discover). Still, our Aggressive Style collection is the best way to get the most out of your purchase and what waist trainers can do for your body goals. These waist trainers are made to be worn every day. They are comfortable and allow the right amount of compression to train your waist into submission. 

Here are a few more reasons why we recommend buying two waist trainers:


 If you have more than one waist trainer, they will last much longer! If you wear the same waist trainer every day, it can wear out quickly, like shoes or a bra. The more you wear your waist trainer, the faster you will see results, so you should wear it every day (and possibly nightly). Use your first waist trainer as a trial run. If it fits well, this is probably the one that will change you the most quickly. When you're ready to go down a size, you should start wearing different ones at different times to give each one a chance to rest and air out.  


For different activities, you might need a different kind of waist trainer or an extra level of reduction to help you move or stand the way you need to. The best examples of this are driving and sleeping. Many people keep using an older waist trainer with a milder reduction as a sleeping or maintenance waist trainer. You might also find that the one you wear for a long day at the computer is not the same one you want to wear for a night of dancing and drinking. 


And, of course, you can't expect one waist trainer to go perfectly with everything else in your closet. Even though there are some general ways to style a corset, the color alone is often enough to make it clear that you need more than one. A simple black underbust looks excellent with many different outfits, but you might need another neutral, like brown or beige, to wear with earth-toned outfits. A waist trainer can be an essential part of your outfit! 

More About the Two Waist Trainers Recommended for Maximum Benefits

Traditional Sport Hybrid Waist Trainer

On its own, a fitness waist trainer offers several advantages, including the following: 

  • Enhanced abdominal control to help you activate your core during exercise 
  • Raise the temperature of your core, which will increase the amount of sweat you produce. 
  • The waist is trained, and the "memory" to remain compressed and smaller is ingrained in it due to this training. 
  • It offers additional support for your back and abdominal region, allowing you to do your training regimen with greater intensity while reducing the risk of injury.
  •  It increases the fat oxidation rate in the targeted area (your torso and midsection).

Neoprene, Burn the Belly Fat!  

Our Neoprene, Burn The Belly Fat! option is a great example of a Traditional Sport Hybrid waist trainer that uses amazing technology to get results. You can find it in the SqueezMeSkinny online store in the Traditional Sport collection. Neoprene is a type of rubber made from chemicals. It is very flexible and can stay that way in a wide range of hot and cold temperatures. Neoprene can make the area it covers hotter and make you sweat up to three times more than you would without it. 

This choice is pretty unique and demonstrates the value that SqueezMeSkinny provides in our exercise waist trainer line through our extensive research and our innovative use of materials at the cutting edge of technology. Neoprene is a form of synthetic rubber that keeps its pliability throughout a broad temperature range, retaining its usefulness in both warm and chilly conditions. The neoprene material also boosts the thermal temperature around your midriff, which causes you to sweat far more in that area than you could, even if you worked out twice as hard. Because it wraps completely around your torso, your entire abdominal region can experience the intensity of the workout. 

The Neoprene, Burn The Belly Fat! workout waist trainer utilizes a number of our cutting-edge features that are available across the entirety of the Workout line, including the following: 

Many rows of hook and eye closures offer a greater degree of instability. An innovative "All Latex" material that features a cotton lining inside for enhanced wearer comfort. Because the Neoprene, Burn The Belly Fat! workout waist trainer is made from a combination of several fabrics, which results in the garment being slightly thicker than our other models, we recommend that you choose a size up if you are between sizes according to the chart on the page that describes the product.

You can choose from three different torso lengths (8", 10", and 12") for the Neoprene, Burn The Belly Fat! so that you can work out more or less of your midsection. We put a meshing on this waist trainer so that your sweat can evaporate instead of collecting. Because this item is made of more than one fabric, we suggest that if your waist is between sizes, you order one size up.

Exercises You Can Do in the Neoprene, Burn the Belly Fat! Waist Trainer

Waist trainers are beneficial for any cardiovascular exercise since they raise the thermal temperature of your core and allow for increased perspiration. This makes waist trainers ideal for use with the treadmill, cycle, and elliptical machine. Because of the additional support that waist trainers provide to your abdominal region and back, you can improve your form and performance in many exercises dependent on those two regions. Just a handful of them are listed below: 

  • Squats 
  • Planks 
  • Deadlifts 
  • Lunges 
  • Leg Lifts 
  • Leg Extension Crunches 
  • Straight Columns 
  • Front Raise 
  • Reverse Fly 

Performing an activity such as sit-ups while wearing a waist trainer will be a little bit more complicated than usual, but don't forget that, in contrast to corsets, putting on and taking off a waist trainer involves minimal effort.

An Aggressive Waist Trainer

When you combine the usage of a waist trainer for working out with an everyday waist trainer from our Aggressive Style line, you are doing a lot more to "train" your waist even when you are not working out at all! The process of continuous compression accomplishes this. Your body will develop memory like a spring will coil over time. The more you eat, which causes your stomach to enlarge, the skin that is wrapped around your stomach will get laxer, and it will take more food to satisfy your hunger. 

If you apply consistent compression across the stomach, your skin will start to remember how tight it was, and so will your stomach. This will help you lose weight faster. You will likely cut back on your food intake, which causes the portion of your body that surrounds your stomach to contract more.

8" Short Torso Aggressive

Developing a trained waist through compression memory is much more effective the more extended period you apply that compression. Still, you probably work out for a few hours at most. Because of this, it is unlikely that you work out for the entirety of the day. You'll be able to locate waist trainers with maximum compression in the SqueezMeSkinny Aggressive Style line of waist trainers for everyday use. These waist trainers will continue to exert pressure on your midsection even after you've left the gym. 

And even though they are made for everyday usage, the waist trainers we sell are nevertheless incredibly pleasant to wear since they include an inside layer of cotton that prevents the latex from rubbing incorrectly. After a few days of wearing them and letting them break in, you should have no trouble forgetting that you are even wearing compression garments since you can select multiple levels of compression, each of which corresponds to a different level of personal comfort.

At this time, the 8" Short Torso Aggressive is the shortest waist trainer that SqueezMeSkinny is capable of manufacturing. However, as the name suggests, this choice doesn't pull any punches when targeting the narrowest part of your waistline with maximum compression to attain that classic hourglass shape! 

The "All Latex" design rapidly contours your body to burn up to three inches of circumferential fat around the abdominal region. You will feel more confident right now as a result of this, and in the future, as you continue to work on toning your waist, you will finally be able to attain the appearance you've always desired! We suggest you begin by wearing the 8" Short Torso Aggressive waist trainer for 1 to 2 hours, and then, as you become more accustomed to it, wear it for no more than 10 hours each day. This should be done gradually over several days.