What Is the Best Waist Trainer for My Lifestyle?
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What Is the Best Waist Trainer for My Lifestyle?

Determining the best waist trainer for your lifestyle is a process that begins with defining your goals. Do you want to burn fat and lose weight, or strengthen your core and sculpt your abs? Are you looking for an instant slimming effect, or to gradually shape your midsection? Waist trainers serve many purposes, and your goals will define yours.

Squeez Me Skinny specializes in versatile and effective waist training methods, so we have formulated three types of waist trainers to satisfy almost any fitness goal:

  • Aggressive waist trainer collection
  • Hybrid waist trainers
  • 360 Seamless Shapewear

Waist Training without Working Out

If you are looking for a waist training device that will not disrupt your casual or busy lifestyle, Squeez Me Skinny has a variety of options to help you gain the perfect figure with minimum effort. Many of our waist trainers are made to be worn under your everyday outfits, so you can tone your midsection while sitting at your desk at work, walking with your friends, or even lounging at home. Without having to adhere to any kind of exercise routine, you can shape your waist with our aggressive waist trainer collection.


Revamp Your Fitness Routine with a Sport Waist Trainer

Bodybuilders, weight training professionals, and regular fitness fans are always looking for the next thing to revamp their workout routine. Whether you train for hours a day or try to get to the gym at least three or four times a week, Squeez Me Skinny has the answer. Our premium traditional sport waist trainers are designed to move with your body while still providing strong postural support and fat-burning compression. You can cinch your waist down to size faster while you exercise with this quality activewear.

Aggressive Waist Trainer Collection

Our extreme waist trainers provide extreme results, and are not designed to be worn during workouts. Wearing one of these handmade waist cinchers under your clothes for a few hours a day can help you improve your figure, posture, and confidence in no time.

Made from exclusive latex with a comfortable cotton liner, this trainer targets the smallest curve of your waist, and sits comfortably on your midsection away from your ribs and hips. At eight inches in the front and six inches in the back, this is the shortest waist trainer in stock and can target your midsection directly. It is fitted with Flexi-boning technology, improving your posture while contouring your waist.

A new design with more steel boning than many other waist trainers on the market, this cincher is one of the most aggressive we offer. Built tough to mold the figure you want, this high compression fit is made to work for your body daily. Sits comfortably under any outfit.

If you suffer from stubborn back rolls, this is the right aggressive waist trainer for you. With total back and midsection control, increased sweat production, and a high compression level, this quality latex waist trainer is great for daily use. This cincher is also made with adjustable straps and three rows of hooks to achieve the perfect fit.


Hybrid Waist Trainer

Our activewear is designed to work your midsection aggressively while providing enough flexibility to remain comfortable enough to work out in. Many bodybuilders and amateur fitness enthusiasts alike often opt for this hybrid waist trainer to aid them before, during, and after their workouts. With a large selection of traditional sport waist trainers in stock, there is no doubt that you will find something you love.

This waist trainer is designed to cinch your midsection and help you achieve the hourglass figure of your dreams without putting pressure on your ribs or hips. Targeting the most inward curve of your waist, the shortest sport waist trainer in our collection reshapes your midsection while at the gym, while walking, or even throughout the day.

As a custom design here at Squeez Me Skinny, this hybrid activewear is perfect for exercising and targeted fat burning. Increasing the amount of sweat you release, improving posture, and helping you feel the workout while you exercise are just a few reasons why this sport waist trainer works for everyone.

This medium-compression sport waist trainer provides excellent back support and tummy control while you work out. Instantly removing inches from your waist, daily use can help reshape your midsection to the perfect hourglass figure. Designed for comfort, flexibility, and effective waist training, this waist-training activewear is one of our most popular models.

Specially designed to help you sweat three times more than regular exercise, our neoprene waist trainer can help you burn belly fat at an accelerated rate. Great for the gym, this popular activewear is made with neoprene and latex, with mesh to increase ventilation and help keep you cool and comfortable.

Handmade with latex and spandex, this sport waist trainer helps target problem areas to improve results with diet and exercise. Our quality activewear provides structural support while it compresses your midsection into the desired shape, but is flexible and comfortable enough to complete a full workout in.

Ideal for longer torsos, this exclusive design increases sweat while wicking moisture, helping you achieve results while staying dry and comfortable. Wear it from work to the gym and incorporate it into your fitness routine to burn belly fat and improve posture.

As one of our premium waist trainers made from lycra and cotton, this traditional sport waist trainer is made to wick moisture and enhance comfort during everyday use. With a breathable cotton lining and a flexible but sturdy build, this activewear is perfect for extreme waist training that remains comfortable throughout the day.


Seamless Shapewear

For an instant slimming effect, most shapewear can be worn under virtually any outfit.

There is no need to sacrifice comfort for style with Squeez Me Skinny's seamless shapewear.

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HIgh waist thermal shorts: https://squeezmeskinny.com/products/high-waisted-thermal-short-cur1425

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