Setting Fitness Goals When Using a Waist Trainer
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Setting Fitness Goals When Using a Waist Trainer

Millions of people set out each year to reach their fitness goals. Many people reach their fitness goals, while others do not. A research paper in 2016 from the NIH explored the impact of goal setting when it came to fitness. The findings of the paper stated that goal setting and fitness were most effective when the goals were simple, appropriate to the individual, and fulfilled in a supportive and caring environment. Let's take a look at how you can use goals to help you achieve your targeted level of fitness when using a weight trainer.

Set simple goals that are appropriate for you

When you start out with a waist trainer and your fitness plan, you will need to set very simple goals. You might want to consider simple goals such as:

  • Eating a certain number of calories each day.
  • Exercising for a certain number of minutes to burn excess calories.
  • Wearing your waist trainer for a set amount of time (shorter early on, longer when you've been doing it a while.

Simple goals are effective because they are easy to fulfill. Some days you will reach your goals, but as you stick with your fitness plan, you will be more successful at reaching your goals each day.

Set goals that are specific for you

Our bodies are all different, with different genes, levels of fitness, and other biological factors. Therefore, fitness goals should be individually oriented. For example, your goal when purchasing a waist trainer might be very specific. If you are purchasing a waist trainer to get rid of some body fat, you might also need to complement your waist trainer with a specific type of diet and exercise plan designed to increase muscle tone and boost metabolism.

You also want to schedule your training around your lifestyle. For example, if your workplace has a great gym, you should use that. Maybe there is a specific type of food that you like. For example, the keto diet is very heavily protein influenced. If there is a particular type of fish dinner that you like, try to include that on your diet schedule once every few weeks.

Fulfill your fitness goals in a supportive environment

According to Scientific American, your environment has a profound impact on your diet and fitness goals. Our personal living and eating environment is where our fitness starts. Going through the fridge and removing calorie-dense foods is a great way to set up your ideal eating environment.

The people in our lives also play a role in our success at fitness. If you have friends and family who are supportive of your fitness goals, you are more likely to achieve those goals. At work, if you have colleagues that eat out each day, you might have to separate yourself from them during work meals to eat the foods that will help you.

According to a study out of Harvard University, you are about 60% more likely to gain weight if you have close friends that are overweight.

Connecting with like-minded people

Sometimes, the demands of life make it difficult to find supportive individuals to help you reach your fitness goals. Social media is a great place to share your fitness results and be inspired. In 2017, the Journal of Interactive Marketing did research on how social media can help individuals succeed with their fitness goals.

The research found that participants who shared their successes, setbacks, and inspiration were more likely to stay committed to their fitness goals.

Start with the smallest of steps

The decision to achieve fitness is a large, overarching goal to set. However, the path to fitness starts out in several steps. If you decide to use a waist trainer, you will need to start in small steps, also:

  • During your first day of wearing a waist trainer, you will only wear it for two hours.
  • On your fourth day, you will wear it for 6 hours.
  • By the end of your first week, you will be wearing your waist trainer for the full range of 8 to 10 hours.

When you work out, you will also start out in small increments and work your way towards the full duration and velocity of the particular fitness activity your trainer has recommended for you.

Always dedicate a certain time each day for meals and exercise

Some dieticians and fitness experts agree that morning is the best time for you to work out. Earlier workouts make the most of your body and psychology, but there is not always a set time for everyone to exercise. Sticking to a certain time each day will help you adhere to your fitness goals and on some occasions get better results.

When it comes to eating, you will want to structure your diet around your workout and life schedule. Some experts agree that eating smaller meals more evenly throughout the day leads to better results. No matter what you do in terms of your fitness schedule, stick to it for better results.

You'll always need to remember your fitness trainer, too. To get the best results, you will need to take it off when you are working out and wear it for about 8 to 10 hours every day.

Keep track of days that you succeed and fail

Record keeping is very important. Some people keep a diet and fitness journal. They chart everything that happens to them throughout the day. Some people keep track of the type of exercise that they do, the food that they eat, and other personal notes.

Another study out of Harvard tracked 1,700 people who were on a diet. Those that kept a diet journal lost twice as much weight as those that didn't chart their progress. Keeping a fitness journal will help you understand what happened on days that were successful and days when you didn't quite get where you wanted.

Understand that your fitness goals don't end when you are finally fit

According to Cleveland Clinic, an astounding number of people gain weight back after a diet. It could be as high as 85% to 90% of dieters. Why do so many people regress when they work hard to lose weight or achieve their fitness goals? There are several reasons:

  • People go back to their old eating habits.
  • People slow down their exercise habits, losing their newfound metabolism.
  • Slow weight gain can be a part of someone's genetics, and giving up diet and exercise can help that lost weight creep back.

Understand that fitness takes time

When you start wearing your waist trainer, you will notice posture and slimming correction right away. However, achieving your ideal body shape will take a bit longer. When you start working out and eating right, your body is already adjusted to:

  • A certain level of metabolism.
  • Certain enzymes that will cause food cravings.
  • Your genetic predisposition.

As you progress with your fitness goals, these are obstacles that you will gradually overcome. Your success with a waist trainer, diet, and exercise will depend upon your dedication and commitment. Many people who start a diet and exercise regimen notice results within four to six weeks. Within six months, committed individuals will notice that they have done a major overhaul on their overall health and fitness. The bottom line is that success takes time and commitment, and that the process doesn't stop once you've reached your goals.

What's the first goal to set when starting a fitness plan?

A study by Onepoll, in recent years, found an alarming trend when it came to Americans and how they set their dietary and fitness goals. An alarming 57% of people who wanted to start some sort of fitness program procrastinate starting. The first goal to set is a time to get started. When using a waist trainer from SqueezMeSkinny, you can get started on the path to an ideal body shape as soon as you get it.

Here's what you should do when you get a waist trainer:

  • Figure out how to put it on and wear it correctly.
  • Work with a fitness specialist to come up with a workout and diet plan and set a date to get started.
  • Chart your journey each day as you work towards your goals.

Waist trainers come in a plethora of different options, for both men and women, to suit their lifestyle and their fitness goals. Setting those goals and following up on them will help you get to where you want to be.