Results-Driven Waist Training With SqueezMeSkinny
Waist Trainer Knowledge

Results-Driven Waist Training With SqueezMeSkinny

A new waist trainer may seem like a daunting investment. Working up to the recommended 8 to 10 hours of wear per day can be challenging. But, with a bit of planning, you can set yourself up for long-term success. You will find the inspiration you need so that you don't give up the waist trainer after a few weeks. You can also learn how to maximize your waist training efforts throughout the months with these easy tips.

The results that you can expect to see with a waist trainer

Your wait trainer will start working for you the moment you put it on. You will notice that you stand a little bit taller and that your core muscles are getting right to work at correcting your posture and alignment. Those who are serious about waist training, making the dietary and lifestyle changes necessary, and sticking with it can expect to see results within the first month that they wear it.

Some people will start to shed pounds when they change their diet and exercise habits. By cutting back on unhealthy food, working out in the gym three to five days a week, and wearing your waist trainer, you can probably lose 1 to 2 lbs per week. Generally speaking, you will notice results in your weight change within 4 to 6 weeks. People will start seeing the changes you are making within six to eight weeks.

Start gradually with your waist trainer

A waist trainer is a powerful piece of fitness apparel. You will notice it working your core muscles the moment that you put it on. First, however, you need to get used to wearing it. We recommend getting used to your waist trainer over a week. The first day you wear it, you might want to try wearing it for about two hours. Then, if you feel comfortable wearing it for two hours, you can increase it to four hours. Adding two hours each day will help you wear it for 8 to 10 hours within five days. Other people try breaking up the period they wear their waist trainer during the first week. For example, break four hours of wear into two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon after work. No matter how you do it, you can work up to 8 to 10 hours of recommended wear within the first week of owning your waist trainer.

Some people give up on their waist trainers because they feel uncomfortable. Getting the correct measurements will help you find a comfortable waist trainer. When purchasing your waist trainer, ensure that you have used a vinyl or cloth tape measure and that your measurements feel relaxed while taking them.

Have options in your wardrobe for waist trainers

You may need two to three waist trainers and different types of shapewear to get the desired results. If you are wearing your waist trainer and not heading to the gym too much, you might be okay with two to three of our standard aggressive waist trainers. Our hybrid waist trainers are a comfortable blend of latex and spandex for use in the gym. Lastly, if you want something that works your hips and butt, as well as your midsection, our 360 Seamless Shapewear is a great fit. The shapewear also works well under clothes and for time spent relaxing at home.

Two to three pieces of shapewear or waist trainers will also ensure that you have plenty on hand to make it throughout the week.

Make waist training part of your daily routine

Many people give up on diet, exercise, and waist trainers because they do not plan. However, if you make your waist trainer part of your daily routine, you will ensure success. Here are some tips for making your waist trainer part of your daily routine:

  • When laying your clothes out for the week, ensure that you include your waist trainer or shapewear.
  • If you are packing your clothes for a trip or into your workout bag, make sure to have a fresh waist trainer.
  • Make sure to keep your waist trainer and shapewear in an area where it will be easily accessible. This way, you will never forget your waist trainer.
  • Put your waist trainer on before you eat or drink any water first thing in the morning. Putting on your waist trainer first will help you get a feel for how your body will adjust to your waist trainer throughout the day.

Take before, during, and after photos

Some people keep a fitness journal as they get back into shape. You can take this a step further by taking photos. On the day you get measured for your waist trainer, consider taking your first picture. If you take photos each week, you will be able to see your progress as you move along. Once someone notices the effects of the waist trainer on you, take another picture. If you keep captions with the photos, you will eventually see a timeline unfolding as you reach your goals.

For some people, fitness is a highly personal journey. However, other people find that they achieve their goals by focusing their energies with a community of like-minded individuals. For example, SqueezMeSkinny has a community on Instagram of over 50,000 members. These members frequently share before/after photos, inspiration, and other tips for getting the most out of their waist trainers and shapewear.

Set clearly defined goals for your waist training journey

Before you start waist training, take an inventory of your current situation. You might want to record your current weight, waist size, BMI, and other measurements that indicate your general fitness. Knowing where you are at will help you set smart, realistic goals. First, you should select one long-term goal. Maybe you want to be a certain weight or body mass index. Then, each week, you should lay out some smart short-term achievable goals. These goals might be losing one or two pounds and lowering your calorie intake by a certain threshold. When you achieve your short-term goals consistently, the longer-term goal will seem more achievable.

Reward yourself when you reach a fitness milestone

Some people never reward themselves when they reach a fitness milestone. For certain fitness milestones, you can simply treat yourself. Maybe there is a new set of workout clothes that you want. You might also want to take a day off from work and relax. More audacious goals deserve more significant rewards. When you reach a longer-term fitness milestone, you might want to reward yourself by:

  • Going to a live sports event for your favorite team.
  • Buying that new set of clothes that you wanted to fit into.
  • Purchasing a bicycle, kayak, or canoe so that you can add a new dimension to your fitness endeavors.

Add diet, nutrition, and exercise to your waist training routine

Your waist trainer will work well on its own over time. However, you can get more significant results by incorporating diet and exercise. For some people, the origin of their excess weight lies in eating unhealthy foods or overeating. Sticking with a 2,000-calorie-per-day diet filled with uplifting foods can increase energy levels. Some ideas for eating healthier include:

  • Sticking to fresh foods, like fruits and vegetables.
  • Eating lean protein like fish and chicken.
  • Supplementing complex B vitamins and other minerals can help the body focus energy more clearly throughout the day.
  • Avoiding heavier carbohydrates that make us feel full and tired.

Exercise is also a significant lifestyle change to make. Specific exercises efficiently burn calories, such as biking, swimming, and even certain types of dance fitness. For example, some people will try a Zumba class, which can burn as many as 450 calories per hour. However, for those who are getting back into shape, it's wiser to start with lighter exercises incorporating interval training, such as walking. Starting small will help you achieve the dietary and exercise changes in your life that you want and will maximize the effectiveness of your waist trainer.

When you incorporate diet, exercise, and a waist trainer into your fitness plan, you will notice apparent results quickly, and the people around you will see your changes within six to eight weeks. You will also start fitting into stylish clothes and notice that your self-confidence will improve.

Find the right waist trainer and shapewear at SqueezMeSkinny

Getting started is the first step. If you want to start waist training, SqueezMeSkinny manufactures waist trainers and shapewear for every lifestyle. Taking the correct measurements will help you find comfortable waist trainers that breathe and work instantly to help correct your posture and alignment. Our Instagram community will also have stories to help inspire you as you strive to reach your fitness goals.