Picking a Cute Waist Trainer and Attractive Shapewear
Waist Trainer Knowledge

Picking a Cute Waist Trainer and Attractive Shapewear

The 'year of the corset' is here in 2022! The garment that tightens the waist, accentuates the bust, and raises the eyebrows is in full vogue. The Fall/Winter 2022 catwalks taught us that corsets are seeing a significant resurgence. Because it's one of those things that comes to mind when you need to stand out, some people could claim that they never left. 

However, corsets aren't just popular this year—they're popular in ways we've never seen before. Therefore, if you're constantly looking for the latest in fashion, you'll want to know about this trend and how to pull it off. And what better way to be fashionable and cinch your waistline than by investing in cute waist trainers? 

Almost everything in 2022 is multi-purpose. People want to get the absolute most they can from their money spent. It is no wonder that the corset fashion styles are no different. With the Squeez Me Skinny Hybrid Waist Trainer, you can slim your waist to create an hourglass figure, wear it working out and sweat more to make your workout most effective. Plus, they come in the cutest colors and patterns you won't find anywhere else!  

Not only is this look the most exciting trend in fashion right now, but it is much more comfortable than its traditional ancestor, the corset. 

The Traditional Corset Gets a Modern Upgrade

In 2022, the corset will be more comfortable due to structural and material advancements. While the classic corset shape is unquestionably gorgeous to see, it leaves little room for a garment suitable for everyday use. In contrast to classic corsets, which are constrictive and hard to wear, current interpretations are unquestionably more casual and considerably more comfortable. Waist trainers are replacing traditional waist cinching methods while continuing to be designed to reveal a desirable tiny waist or hourglass form. Modern methods of waist training are more comfortable, fashionable, adaptable, and may be worn alone or with a dress.

There are a variety of ways to wear a waist trainer as outerwear. This is a chance for you to express yourself artistically! 

How to Wear the Hottest Fashion Accessory: The Hybrid Waist Trainer

How do you wear the hybrid waist trainer as a fashion accessory while working on a tiny waist? Can a waist trainer be worn as a top? Moreover, what should you wear beneath a corset? 

As Outerwear, Underbust, Waspie, and Corset Belt 

This trend has been growing for years and has finally become popular. 

How do you dress up a pair of tailored pants and a shirt with a loose fit? Add a corset belt or a waist trainer. Many fashion experts are into this trend on and off the runway. They use flashy and intricate corset belts and waist trainers to dress up simple and solid outfits. A hybrid waist trainer can make any ensemble look edgy, whether it is a dress or a suit. And all the while, you are shrinking your midsection.

For this trend, you should wear a short waist trainer that sits below the bust and ends well above the hips. So, if you wear it over a shirt and pants, it should be right above or at the waist of your pants. Even though your original outfit doesn't have to be loose, if it is, the waist trainer will even out the fit and give your waist and hips some curves.

Wear Over a Dress or Make a Shirt/Skirt Combo Cohesive

Most runway dresses following this trend are tight, and the waist trainer makes the difference between the bodice and the skirt. This gives you even more freedom to play with patterns and fabrics. But mostly, stick to simple dresses because the hybrid waist trainer will make the dress look more elegant. You can step it up by wearing high heels and bold, abstract jewelry. 

Pair With Sheer and Mesh Fabrics

Pairing a waist trainer with sheer fabrics underneath adds interest and sex appeal. This was a big trend on the runway, but it can also be incorporated into everyday styles. The sheerness makes it look even more glamorous, as if the excitement of the waist trainer wasn't enough. Sheer fabrics with embroidery stand out. Mesh fabrics, such as fishnet, bring a bit of rock-n-roll to the fashion game.

Add an Edgy Vibe

Leather is another fabric choice this year, but most people prefer to wear conflict-free versions of this particular trend. Squeez Me Skinny has the perfect solution for you to get the edgy effect of leather yet remain conscious-free. The Hide the Back Fat, Long Torso Latex Waist Training Vest mimics the look and sheen of leather. As the name implies, it hides the unwanted bulge of extra weight in the back area, giving a seamless, effortless look. Wearing this piece over anything is gorgeous!

Try Layers

In addition to wearing a waist trainer over your outfit, add the Perfect Mini Squeeze over it. Not only will you get extra waist cinching, but you will also add another dynamic layer of style to your ensemble. These look great over solid colors and patterned styles. It's also a revolutionary game to step up your waist training, as industry experts highly recommend it. Instantaneous increased tension right on the waist for that additional squeeze, allowing you to reach your hourglass objectives even more quickly. You can work out in it too! It is designed to use in the gym and daily for individuals who want that additional slimming effect. This belt is designed to be worn over any size Squeez Me Skinny waist trainer. 

Experiment With Different Patterns to Create Various Looks

There are endless possibilities when it comes to using waist trainers to update your wardrobe. Squeez Me Skinny has the most fashionable patterns of 2022 that you won't find anywhere else. 

Create a refined, traditional look by beautifully pairing a hybrid waist trainer with feminine touches such as floral motifs and lace. Use it to soften heavier fabrics, balance out masculine pieces, or add extra oomph to an already feminine look. Florals and lace are great for adding an element of interest to a monochromatic outfit.

Created to blend in, adding touches of camo will make you stand out! Squeez Me Skinny has hybrid waist trainers in green and gray camo. Camo is a non-print that effectively functions as a neutral. Pair with feminine fabrics, dresses, and skirts to create an unexpected twist to an otherwise 'ladylike' appearance.

Classic animal prints never go out of style. And we will continue to see them throughout 2022. The bold designs are more versatile than you might think. To keep animal print outfits from being too chaotic, think of them as the little bit of spice needed to enhance your ensemble. 

  • Try layering a cheetah print waist trainer with an oversized Oxford shirt and loose-fitting trousers. 
  •  Choose a traditional cheetah print or play with bold colors.

Get in touch with your adventurous side! Mix it up and cut loose with waist trainers with graphic patterns. Squeez Me Skinny has graphics you won't find anywhere else. The Cheat Meal pattern adorably showcases illustrations of french fries, pizza, donuts, burgers, and soda–everything we crave on cheat day! This waist trainer lets everyone know who the life of the party is! Other graphic designs to consider are: 

  • Unicorn Princess

Tap into your magical side with this playful mix of unicorns, rainbows, and star wands

  • Galaxy

Recreate the romantic glow of a clear night sky packed with stars. 

  • Dumbells to Heels

Get the vibe of an heiress with graphics of lipstick, tiaras, and hearts that stand out against a white background.

Ready to Update Your Style and Start Waist Training?

Waist trainers will continue to rise in popularity in fashion and as a means to tighten their waistline because of the ever-constant infatuation with the hourglass figure. As you can see, there are various ways to incorporate this trend into your closet and lifestyle. Don't forget about the benefits of wearing one during your workouts!

This workout waist shaper from Squeez Me Skinny will help you look your best at the gym. Every gym waist trainer in our collection has the right amount of compression to improve your workouts. The extra heat around your torso makes you sweat more, which helps you lose weight. The top-notch design supports your back and stomach, keeping you comfortable while you give it your all. There are different levels of compression in our gym waist trainers. Our workout corset waist trainers are the right clothes for you, whether you want a loose fit for more mobility or a tight squeeze to get the hourglass figure of your dreams. Use the gym waist trainers from Squeeze Me Skinny to put your best self forward when you work out.

Contact Squeez Me Skinny today to fashionably reach your waist training goals. We can help you find the hybrid waist training that meets your objectives and style. With our exclusive range of patterns, you are sure to confidently add this multi-purpose fashion staple to your wardrobe and workout!