How Will I Look Before & After a Waist Trainer?
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How Will I Look Before & After a Waist Trainer?

People use waist trainers for a wide variety of different reasons. Some are looking to get slim and slender. Other people want to be able to fit comfortably into the clothes that they wear. A lot of people are using a waist trainer in combination with exercise, diet, and other weight loss techniques. People who use a waist trainer can expect exceptional results before and after. Let's take a look at what you might look like before and after using a waist trainer.

Envisioning the shape you want before waist training

A lot of situations in life can cause excess fat tissue to appear around the waist. There are many reasons people accumulate extra body fat. Some people have a job that is very sedentary in nature. Other people simply don't eat right. Stress, genetics, and other bodily factors can contribute to extra body fat.

The number of Americans who don't engage in enough physical activity is staggering. More than 60% of people, both men and women, do not exercise enough. More than ¼ of adults do not exercise at all. When you don't exercise, calories can quickly turn into extra body fat. There are 3,500 calories in one pound of body fat. Let's say that you typically exercise every day by running for 40 minutes. That's enough to burn about 500 calories. If for some reason, you stopped exercising for a week, but didn't change your eating habits, you would put on about one pound in a week. Overeating by 500 to 1,000 calories per day with no exercise for a month might cause you to put on about four to five pounds.

Forty-five million Americans will go on a diet each year. The truth of the matter is that while 90% of people will succeed, the majority of people fail to keep that weight off. The 10% of people who keep that weight off envision the shape that they want and come up with a plan to keep that weight off. A waist trainer can help give you the hourglass figure that you want and can help you keep the weight off.

What types of appearances do people want?

Many people have an ideal body image in their head. The ideal body image bridges both gender and age. According to the Beauty Schools Directory, 45% of adults believe in an ideal body. For some people, 54% of men and 45% of women want to have an athletic figure. Older men often want to have a "dad bod," while many women strive for a curvy and fit shape.

Over the years, people have become more dissatisfied with how they look:

  • In the 1970s, only 23% of men and 15% of women were dissatisfied with how they looked.
  • That number grew to 56% of women and 43% of men.
  • By 2018, more than ¾ of men and women were dissatisfied with their appearance.

Even though people have become more dissatisfied with how they look over the years, there are now more options for people to achieve the look and feel that they want.

How can waist trainers help men and women achieve the ideal look?

Waist trainers are only part of achieving the ideal body weight. In combination with diet, exercise, and taking care of your body, waist trainers help both men and women achieve their ideal look. In some ways, men are more in need of waist trainers than women. Men tend to carry a significant amount of weight around their waist. Waist trainers for men will tend to be a tad longer in the front and a bit narrow around the hips.

Exercise is a great addition to your waist trainer. The most effective experiences people have with waist trainers involve removal of the waist trainer during workouts. Some people will do an intense core workout while they are on a waist training regimen. Thai gives people the option of improving their muscle tone around their waist, as well as burning away the excess calories they've added over the years.

Waist trainers are intended to be a supplement to healthy diet, exercise, and taking care of yourself. When your muscles are in tone and you are eating the right foods, your waist trainer will help you look and feel better.

How long does the "ideal appearance" take?

The typical person will wear a waist trainer for about eight hours a day. Some people may start noticing results with their posture immediately after putting it on. It may take around 30 days for someone to see toning effects. You don't start out wearing your waist trainer for a full eight hours the first day. Most people start wearing their waist trainer for a few hours and then work up to the full eight hours over a period of about a week.

Are waist trainers worth the investment?

If you've tried other things to lose weight and get the waist that you want and have failed, a waist trainer is worth the investment. Americans spend a ton of money on things that don't always work for them:

  • People spend about $3 billion per year on weight loss chain products (like Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers).
  • The meal replacement industry was a $3 billion dollar industry in 2016.
  • Americans spend about $60 billion per year on food and nutritional products to lose weight.

Waist trainers are worth the investment if you are willing to make the commitment to make them work. This means committing to a healthy diet, exercise, and living well. According to the Journal of the American Heart Association, being healthy will save the typical person anywhere from $500 to $1,000 per year just because they are fit.

What can you expect after using a waist trainer?

When you are using a waist trainer, you can expect to exercise intensely during your workouts, commit to wearing your waist trainer for at least eight hours per day, and eat the right foods each day. After about thirty days, you will start noticing the following:

  • Your excess fat tissue will start to disappear from around your waist.
  • You will have improved muscle mass.
  • You will have more energy throughout the day because your body is primed to burn calories.
  • Not only that, but you can be more confident about how you look and feel.
  • You will look and feel more physically fit.

Make the commitment to use a waist trainer

When you start thinking about your ideal appearance, a waist trainer is part of the path to success, along with a healthy diet and exercise. Over a period of thirty days, you will notice that your posture, alignment, and overall physique will start to change. Once you've made it through the first thirty days, continuing with your regimen will help you maintain that perfect version of yourself.