A Comparison of Different Types of Waist Trainers and Which One May Be the Best Fit for You
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A Comparison of Different Types of Waist Trainers and Which One May Be the Best Fit for You

Maybe you're looking for a tool that can help you meet your health and body goals but have so far come up with nothing that works. Waist training is a method to help you tone your midsection. It works by compressing the small curves of your waist, heating up your core temperature, and giving you an hourglass shape.

If you're ready to look and feel great, then you should consider a waist trainer. However, there are a few different options for you to choose from. Depending on your different fitness and health goals, specific waist trainers will work better than others.

We'll go compare all of our different waist training options, so you can figure out which one(s) match your needs the best. 

The Benefits of Waist Training

There are many benefits of waist training that affect your health, fitness, and appearance. Whether you're looking to slim down your waist to create an hourglass curve or you want a tool to help intensify your workout routine, a waist trainer can work with you to meet your goals. Some of the benefits of waist training include

  • Accelerates sweating
  • Burns calories
  • Makes dieting easier
  • Improves posture
  • Instant slimming effect

Different Types of Waist Trainers

All waist trainers are not made the same. Thanks to innovative materials, designs, and sizes, you can find a waist trainer that fits you comfortably for whatever purpose you want. There are a few different types of waist trainers available–aggressive, hybrid, and sweat. 


The waist trainers from the aggressive collection are high-compression garments designed for daily use. With the tight compression of aggressive waist trainers, you can expect significant changes to the curves of your waist. It does this by cinching in your waist while avoiding putting unnecessary pressure on the ribs and hips that could lead to pain or discomfort. 

The high-level compression waist trainer works best for everyday use. You can wear one all day (eight to ten hours) underneath your regular clothes. Not only will it immediately slim down your waist, but it will help to train your waist with consistent daily use. 

Though the high-level compression waist trainer is tight, it can be worn all day through your normal activities, like sitting and standing up at your desk, walking to work, driving, or eating meals. 

If you are on a weight loss journey, a high-level compression waist trainer can help you. The pressure on your abdomen acts like a non-surgical lap band. With extra pressure on your stomach, you will have feelings of fullness quicker than usual. When you are fuller sooner, you eat less. And eating fewer calories can help you lose weight. 


Hybrid waist trainers are the perfect versatile shapewear. You can use a hybrid waist trainer for more active exercising than the high-level compression waist trainer. Also, you can enjoy the medium compression level for daily use and still see results in your waistline. 

The hybrid waist trainer works well in the gym due to its materials and compression level that work to heat up your core. The rise in temperature in your core accelerates your natural sweating during a workout. Though you may not change the amount of energy you use during your regular workout or extend the time you spend at the gym, you'll sweat more while wearing a waist trainer. 

The design of the hybrid waist trainer offers firm but flexible support to your back and core. The compression level is tight enough to form and adapt to your curves. So, it's perfect for those looking for a defined waist throughout their day.


The sweat collection is specifically designed for athletic use in mind. In this waist training collection, there are a couple of different waist training options that make you sweat triple the normal amount due to the innovative materials and design. 

A light compression level allows for a full range of movement while still providing a bit of pressure and support. The materials have been specifically chosen for their sauna-like capabilities. The polymer layer is thin but has heat-trapping capabilities, which raises your core temperature. Though it does increase your sweating, other material layers allow your sweat to dry, so you don't have to worry about uncomfortable and unhygienic sweat pools. 

Sweat vests are perfect for those seeking the maximum benefits of a workout. It offers light yet supportive compression that covers your core, chest, and back areas. Though they are flexible and supportive, if you need more flexibility or motion during your workout, sweat vests are designed with convenient zippers that make putting them on and taking them off easy.

Seamless Shapewear

Seamless shapewear offers some of the compression benefits of waist trainers without the boning design that offers support. It's perfect for when you want the slimming effect of waist training but are working with thin or tight materials. So for nights when you want some shaping support underneath the thin material of your dress, but you don't want the outlines of a waist trainer, seamless shapewear is the best choice. 

Picking Out a Size

Picking out the right size for your body is important, as you want to achieve the best look possible while remaining comfortable and active. The wrong size can cause potential problems, like

  • Pain or discomfort
  • Not providing enough coverage
  • Not working with your natural curves
  • Not offering the smoothing you need

Long Torso

The long torso is best for those who are taller, have a long midsection, or want more coverage on the hips. It's twelve inches long and works well for everyday trainers underneath clothes because of the coverage it offers. It can also work well for those with longer torsos in the gym. However, some people may not like it for gym use as it may restrict motion due to its longer length. 

Short Torso

If you have a short midsection or like to frequent the gym a lot and prefer a wide range of motion, then you should consider the short torso option. For this size, the length of the trainer is eight inches. For a slightly longer length, there is also a ten-inch option for those who want slightly more coverage than the eight-inch option.

How Do You Choose Between Them?

If you've never used a waist trainer before, you may be wondering what waist training option is best for your lifestyle. Depending on your health and fitness goals, the right waist training option may vary. 

Are you looking for a fitness tool that you can take to the gym to step up your workout routine? Do you want the health benefits of a sauna-like garment? Do you want to improve the appearance of your waist to look slimmer in your everyday outfits? Depending on your answers to these questions, you may prefer one type of waist trainer over another. 

If you're interested in maximizing the benefits of your workouts, then you'll appreciate the sweat collection. This will provide you with all the health benefits of sweating, burning more calories, and helping you to lose weight. They are also flexible and comfortable for the movements in your workout routine. 

The everyday trainer is perfect for those who want serious appearance changes to their waist. You can expect significant changes to the small curve of your waist and smoothing effects throughout your midsection. Whether you need results immediately for an important event or you want to train your waist over time for real results, the aggressive waist trainers will get you the most significant results. 

An option to experience the versatility of waist training is to go with the hybrid option. With this waist trainer, you'll experience a medium compression level, which will give you waist-slimming results underneath your clothes and will work for your workouts as well. But, if you are interested in receiving all the benefits of waist training, then you might want to consider purchasing all options, so you'll be prepared for every occasion. 

Ultimately, choosing the right waist trainer comes down to your body, lifestyle, and preferences. If you're super active and looking for more permanent health benefits, then you'll want to consider the athletic waist trainers. If you want to improve your appearance right away, then the aggressive waist trainers or seamless shapewear will have you looking your best. Of course, if you want to have all these options for your wardrobe, you can pick out options from each category. Our full collection of compression waist trainers is available for all different sizes and purposes.