Tips For Creating an Hourglass Figure

Tips For Creating an Hourglass Figure


While some women have a natural hourglass shape, many have figures with different proportions, such as wider or narrower hips, wider or narrower busts, and a less defined waist.

The hourglass shape doesn’t have anything to do with size. You can be a size 2 or a size 22 and still have a curvy hourglass shape. The key is accentuating your figure in all the right places.

 Even if you don’t have a natural hourglass shape, you can enhance any body type to look more like one. With the right clothes and the right shapewear, you can create a smooth, narrow waist along with a full bust and hips. And if you happen to be a natural hourglass and want some additional shaping and support, there are options for you too. No matter what your size or body type.


When it comes to creating a waist, nothing works better than a waist trainer. The garment uses firm compression to target the waist and eliminate any traces of a muffin top, love handles, or pooch belly.


You can wear a waist trainer as needed to create a more dramatic shape, or you can follow a waist training regimen as part of a waist-slimming plan that pairs well with a healthy diet and regular exercise.


Another way to create an hourglass figure out of any body type is to support and enhance the bust. If you already have ample curves, you’ll want to choose shapewear and bras that provide adequate coverage and support without flattening.

A full, firm butt and smooth hips round out the bottom of an hourglass figure. Some women desire to create more curves in the rear, while others want to smooth and firm up the curves they already have.

You can also enhance your rear without shapewear at all. Butt-lifting jeans and leggings are an easy way to create a sexy figure.


Waist Training


Once you have the curve-creating shapewear in place, you’ll want to dress to your body type so that you can accentuate your very best features while drawing attention away from any areas you want to minimize or conceal. In this way, even if you’re not naturally an hourglass figure, you can make it seem like you are. They key to looking great no matter what your size and body type is to embrace the curves you have and to dress them well, from the foundation to your clothing and accessories.




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