The Ultimate Guide To Preventing Lines From Shapewear

The Ultimate Guide To Preventing Lines From Shapewear

The Ultimate Guide To Preventing Lines From Shapewear

Whether you’re lounging around the house or going for a night on the town, the last thing you want is to notice lines or crevices in your clothes from your shapewear. While there’s nothing bad about it, you want to look your best wherever you go. Fortunately, check out this ultimate guide to preventing lines from your shapewear to see how to protect your look. With these basic tips, you’ll see that shapewear lines are not the end of the world, and there are many easy ways to hide them, so you can look and feel your best.


Choose the Level of Compression

When it comes to hiding shapewear lines, the main thing to keep in mind is the level of compression. As you might expect, the tighter the feel, the more it will enhance your figure and shapewear. A higher compression offers better molding and shaping to your desired frame. However, keep in mind that a tighter hold will displace more body weight, which can create undesirable lines. Remember—high-quality shapewear compresses and holds your natural body weight. Uneven distribution pushes this weight outward, which creates lines and bulges beneath outer garments. Medium- and low-compression garments offer some flexibility. There are fewer line issues to worry about, but looser compressions do not provide as much shaping results as you would get with a tighter hold. Since you’re wearing shapewear to provide a new silhouette in your clothes, find a compression that feels secure but does not negatively affect weight distribution. You’ll already be on the right path to avoid unwanted shapewear lines through your clothes.


Layer Up

An easy solution to hide unwanted lines or bulges from your shapewear is to layer up with thick outerwear. Whether you’re wearing a dress, a skirt, or slacks above your shapewear, thicker material is always better. That’s because thinner material fails to hide shapewear. Thinner material makes it easy to spot lines and bulges in your shapewear and undergarments. Thicker outerwear material, however, almost always conceals lines to give your silhouette a seamless look. If possible, always opt for high-quality seamless shapewear to enhance your physique. High-quality shapewear uses premium comfortable materials that work with your clothes to provide an exceptional look without lines, bulges, or distractions. Since you want a seamless look, don’t be afraid to look for seamless shapewear and undergarments, either. In this case, the smaller number of lines on your garments, the better. Seamless shapewear and underwear don’t have noticeable hemlines, outer edges, or seams that may otherwise throw off the overall look you’re going for.


Be Strategic With Your Outfits

Not only is it a good idea to layer up, but you should also be strategic about your overall clothing options. When it comes to hiding shapewear, don’t forget tights or pantyhose. They provide your undergarments with a smooth look that hides lines and creases. Wear your shapewear under your tights to achieve this look. Also, a print can help tremendously. Solid colors are great for a cute, stylish look, but can sabotage the look you’re going for with shapewear. That’s because solid colors create shadows and highlights around your curves, especially if you’re opting for a lighter color scheme. Therefore, flowers or other patterns help shield away shapewear lines because they distract the eyes. Keep in mind, however, that stripes and ribbed fabrics may also do more harm than good because they create bulges around the ribs. Also, pattern lines may make shapewear lines more visible.


Avoid Leg Openings and Bra Bulges

Another tip in this ultimate guide to preventing lines from shapewear to know is to avoid any leg openings or bra bulges. Leg openings are typically where panty lines are most visible, so be cautious. Many people think smaller or thinner panties will result in fewer lines, but don’t believe this misconception. In fact, in most cases, this results in the opposite effect. While thongs or G-strings are effective at hiding lines, they also hold the panty waist at the top of the buttocks near the waistline. Panties with too thick of an upper band will show through your layers. Longer panties can help mediate this issue. Boy shorts, for instance, sit lower on the thighs closer to your knees. That way, you reduce the chance of panty indentation. Some shapewear, like a thigh shaper or body shaper, incorporate thigh-shaping elements to also hide this issue.

Also, keep bra bulges in mind. Similar to thick panties, a thick bra will easily show lines and bulges from your shapewear. A bra bulge occurs with improperly fitting bras and can result in unwanted back rolls. It’s okay to save a cute bra for a night out, but when it comes to shapewear, always wear one that feels comfortable, supportive, and proper-fitting. If you need to wear a certain bra, be sure to choose shapewear that fits over it without showing lines or bulges. A waist trainer corset or extreme shapewear can best resolve this issue and provide proper coverage for your bust that smoothens out bra bulge lines.


Try On Your Shapewear

Always try on your shapewear before going out. Many women fail to try on their undergarments with their shapewear, which can result in unwanted lines. Instead, mix and match your shapewear with different undergarments and outer garments to see what looks best. Walk around in it in case the clothes shift. You never know when to expect unwanted lines or indentations from your shapewear, so always try it on first. If you experience any discomfort or stylistic issues, change clothes. You never want to be adjusting your shapewear out in public because of an improper fit.

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The Ultimate Guide To Preventing Lines From Shapewear


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