How to Lose Inches With Squeez Me Skinny

How to Lose Inches With Squeez Me Skinny


How to Lose Inches With Squeez Me Skinny

“Squeez me what?”  You might ask.

That’s right, it’s called Squeez Me Skinny. It’s been featured on The Doctors, Good Morning America, and Women’s Fitness.

Waist trainers are all the rage right now.

I really could have used this after I had both my boys.  I used some kind of waist band but it was so uncomfortable, bulky, and big.  I just didn’t follow through.

When I was modeling in my twenties my waist was a 25 and my hips 36.  Oh have times changed! haha.  But now I am just happy to fit into my Lucky Jeans size 8.  At the moment they don’t go above my hips.

So I decided to go back on my clean diet and incorporate a Squeez)Me(Skinny waist trainer.  The diet helps me get back to my perfect size 8.  The Squeez Me Skinny waist trainer will be a perfect addition to it.  It helps increase sweat and fat oxidation in the targeted area.  So we will see!  Even after putting it on the first time, visually I lost almost two inches.  Yup!  In seconds.  Crazy.

Losing inches is great, and it is of course my main goal, but close second is my posture. Over the years my posture has deteriorated, and having kids has definitely not helped the cause. I am looking forward to putting my Squeez Me Skinny waist trainer to work and see my posture improve over time. This is a big deal to me. I don’t want to end up looking like a hunch back!


Squeez Me Skinny is the only company to offer hands-on advice in getting you fitted for your perfect waist trainer. They take pride in their customer service. They offer a variety of different body contouring items such as their best selling latex, and the sport trainers.


Their waist trainers are the best Colombian made product you can find on the market.

They are popular at the gym!  I have seen more and more people working out with them on.

By Mom Junkie


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