Thinking about losing weight? You might have heard of something called "waist training" that can help you. But you might be wondering if you have to lose weight first before you can try it.

Waist training means wearing a special kind of tight cincher around your waist. This garment can make your waist look like a dreamy hourglass shape. Best part about it...You don't have to lose weight before trying it! As soon as you put on this garment, your waist will immediately look slimmer by 1 to 3 inches!


You might be thinking, "Will it be comfortable for me?" Well, here's the good news: Anyone, no matter their size, can wear this garment comfortably. It can work well and make you look great, whether you lose weight or not.

So, what's the secret behind waist training and how does it work? Waist training is about wearing this special garment every day to help shape your waist. It works even better when you also eat healthy food and exercise regularly. The garment is made of tight material, which can make your middle part warmer when you wear it. This can help you sweat more, especially when you exercise, which is good for losing weight.

Wearing a waist trainer all day can help your regular clothes fit better and make you stand up straight. Many people like to see how their body changes into a nice shape when they look in the mirror. This can help them remember to keep being healthy.

Now, if you want to use waist training to help with losing weight, it's best to start wearing it a little bit at a time. You don't have to wear it all day from the beginning. You can begin by wearing it for an hour or two each day, and then slowly increase the time. In a few weeks, you might be able to wear it comfortably all day.

People can see changes in their body after a few weeks. You can take a picture of how you look before you start and then take more pictures each week to see your progress.


Wondering if this garment will fit you? Don't worry! These special waist trainers are made to fit anyone, no matter their size or shape. They are customized just for you based on your measurements.

So, don't wait to start waist training if you want to try it. Remember, you can feel comfortable and look great no matter your size. Just take it slow and enjoy the journey of becoming healthier and feeling good about yourself!



When wearing a waist trainer during a time of weight loss, you’ll want a garment that provides high compression, is comfortable to wear all day, and easily sizes down with you as your waistline shrinks.

Our Neoprene Waist Trainer is a favorite for beginners. It features three row of large hook-and-eye closures and is available in sizes XXXS to 5XL. It uses a soft yet effective-compression in the core combined with flexi-rods for powerful yet comfortable compression.  

Another great option to have in your wardrobe is the Triple Compression You can put on this high compression garment in seconds and achieve waist slimming of up to three inches when you wear it. The double Velcro and zipper closures ensure a tight, custom fit. This waist trainer optimizes your workouts by stimulating thermal activity in your core and helping you sweat harder.

If you want to take your compression level up a notch, try a steel-boned corset like the Luxx Curves Using tight laces and flexible steel boning, this waist-slimming corset can amplify your weight-loss results with dramatic sculpting power. With cotton lining it is comfortable, making it an ideal piece to rotate in your wardrobe.

Whichever garment you choose, waist training can play a key role in your weight-loss journey. And the best part is, you don’t have to wait to get started!


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