A Brief Look at the History of Waist Training

A Brief Look at the History of Waist Training

A Brief Look at the History of Waist Training

Waist training is a popular way to gain an hourglass figure while working hard and eating right. While popular today, there is a long history of waist training that spans centuries. Here’s a brief look at the history of waist training from the Victorian Era to the present day.

Victorian England

Although the history of waist training goes back to the early fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, the popularity and mass usage of corsets and waist-cinching garments didn’t take off until the Victorian Era in the nineteenth century. During this time, doctors worried over the health and safety of young women and imposed design changes to everyday fashion garments. The resurgence in hourglass figures and beauty standards also increased this popularity. Fashion designers thus created an “S” shaped corset to support the back, shoulders, and hips while tightening the stomach. Due to health issues from this design, the style soon fell out of trend.

Twentieth Century

Corsets and waist cinchers made a comeback for a brief time in the twentieth century. From the 1920s until the 1950s, tight-fitting, shaped clothes were the optimal fashion choice for women. However, the free-flowing clothes of the 1960s, along with political changes, caused the corset’s popularity to falter. Many women at the time saw corsets and waist trainers as patriarchal conformities designed to restrict women’s liberation. By the 1980s, celebrities like Madonna brought the corset back. Although not everyday wear, corsets and waist cinchers became a staple in alternative fashion wear.


Throughout this brief look at the history of waist trainers, it’s interesting to see their resurgence today. Although corsets have fallen almost completely out of style—except for alternative subcultures—waist trainers are as popular as ever before. Perhaps even more so. Many people wear waist trainers to the gym or as everyday attire to tighten their midsection and lose excess body fat. They’re also less constrictive than initial designs, given the lightweight, breathable materials used today.

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