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If you are questioning if you want to buy a waist trainer or not then my story is for you! Years ago I never believed in waist training. Well I became pregnant and had a terrible C-section, the muscles & nerves in my lower stomach did not heal properly, couldn’t afford surgery so I ended up trying @SqueezMeSkinny waist trainers. I figured since they were featured on Dr. Oz then why not try it out; BEST DECISION I’VE EVER MADE! I started at a 4XL and now I’m a XS! Although, the journey discouraged me at times, I used waist training as my motivation! Every time you get to another row and then go to a smaller size, it motivates you to keep going!

My stomach does not sag like it used too, my excess skin is not as bad as it used to be and my body frame had changed immensely. I used to have no booty, no waist and now my body has sculpted into a body I love! With dedication to eating healthy, working out and waist training takes your body to another level! You cannot lose out on giving @SqueezMeSkinny waist trainers & products a try! I’m a true walking testimony of the amazing results that you will achieve!

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@daniellagiafardino - Some people say their goal is to make a million this year.. do you have a plan? a strategy? what are you selling?? .
@daniellagiafardino - Some people say their goal is to make a million this year.. do you have a plan? a strategy? what are you selling?? . . . 1. "Do you have a plan?" do you know how much you need to make monthly, weekly and daily to get there? First and for most divide 1,000,000 up by 365 day’s. If you are trying to make a milli but aren’t quite sure what this number is you need figure it out quick and add it to your game plan. . 2. A Strategy? Weekly / Monthly / Yearly marketing and business strategy? How are you attracting your customers? What systems are you using? Whether online or local business - are you using all the free resources available to grow your business? There is a huge community available to you for free! It’s called social media. Start posting and promoting your product. As a owner of a company of you don’t know what direction to steer your ship your going to get lost along the way. . ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 3. What are you selling? Digital product? Physical product? What's your profit margin? Cost Sheet? Do you know your product better than anyone else? . . All of the sudden, their $1MIL idea is overwhelming! The internet has created this fake idea of people with all these followers traveling all over the world living their best life. . . . The truth of the matter is that is not reality all the time Reality of having the chance to live a successful life is being able to put in the work to get your ass there. That constant grind and hustle. . . As young woman you have to secure your future! You have a few options to use social media and get on different platforms use it to create the ultimate army for yourself. Team up with other influencers and actually create a brand worth spending money on. . . . The few of us that run successful businesses in real life have all of the above written, planned and we are ready to execute A goal. Without a plan a dream is just a dream. . . 📸 @cindyuzcateguifotografia . . ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #riseandgrindtime #riseandgrindtime⏰