Measurement Instructions

 To ensure accurate size selection follow these instructions:

  1. Measure your waist in the smallest area (2 inches above your belly button).
  2. Next measure the length of your torso from just under your bra to just below bikini line. Long torso trainers are 12 inches short are 10.

This measurement is necessary in order to avoid selecting the wrong size.


The Importance Of Proper Fit

For the best results, your Squeez)Me(Skinny Waist Trainer should fit like a glove and should not cause any discomfort. Most Waist Trainers feel very tight when you first put them on, don’t worry – your body will grow accustomed to it very quickly.

It is important to break-in the garment before wearing it for long periods of time. For Squeez)Me(Skinny Waist Trainers this is called “seasoning”, which helps prevent warping. When your Waist Trainer first arrives, wear it loosely a couple of times for an hour or so before you start increasing the length of wear.

Common Fitting Questions

  • Yes, the garment should feel very tight.
  • No, it should not pinch or hurt you.
  • Yes, it may be difficult to put on at first.
  • No, you should not have trouble breathing.
  • Are Waist Trainers safe? Absolutely. When you are wearing one properly and listening to your body’s cues, waist trainers are always a safe, effective way to slim your waistline and maximize your workouts.

If you ever feel pinching or extreme discomfort, take the garment off and make sure that you are choosing one that fits.

If you want us to recommend a size for you, please email us,, a recent picture with the details of your height and weight and we’ll get back to you with a suggestion within 24 hours.