Sport Waist Trainer 10 Inches

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Product Description

Short torso: 2 rows of hooks 10 inches long

Long or Short Torso? To get your perfect fit, measure from the bottom of your bra line down to your bikini line.


  • Lose 2 to 4 inches off waist line in first month*
  • Increases sweat
  • Contours the waist
  • Faster achievement of Hourglass figure
  • Helps posture.
  • Multiple row of hooks for tighter adjustment.

Ideal for exercising, walks, and workouts. Helps increase sweat and fat oxidation in the targeted area.

Material properties trap the heat within and around the body which in turn causes perspiration.
This process mobilizes fat cells and detoxifies the body. Heat burns fat and perspiration carries away impurities out of the body naturally. An added benefit of wearing a stretchy garment that compresses the waist and back area is lumbar support. The muscles in the abdomen and back are supported giving help to the lower back reducing the chance of injury. The heat trapped under the waist trainer becomes therapeutic. It actually relieves and soothes sore muscles.

*When used in conjunction with a proper diet losses of 2 to 4 inches are possible in the first month.


Care instructions: Hand Wash and Air Dry with mild soap

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