Standard, Daily Use Waist Trainer. 10 inches

$ 59.99

Product Description

2 Hooks, 10 Inches for a shorter torso

Short Torso 10 inches 

To get this measure from under your bra down to your bikini line.

  • The number 1 must have for body contouring
  • Mold the perfect figure
  • Fast dramatic changes to your body
  • Helps posture.
  • Double row of hooks for easy adjustment and really getting it tight.

This is a must have for daily use of contouring the waist. Built from the finest material Columbia has to offer, this waist clincher will not give in. It is built tough to hold and mold your perfect figure. Fits great under shirts and dresses for when you are going out or just in the office.

Directions: After you manage to squeeze into your waist trainer you must only wear it for one hour. Day 2 threw day 8 slowly increase the time by one hour until you hit the 8-10 hour mark. From then on it must be worn everyday in-between those set times.

How to use: wear latex on the outside, cotton inside
Care instructions: hand wash and air dry with mild soap

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