Mislabeled #1 Best Selling Waist Trainer for Men. 3 Rows of Hooks

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Product Description

For mens sizing go by your pant waist size.

3 Hooks

  • sizes 28-34 are 10 inches for more waist contouring
  • sizes 36 and above are longer for more coverage.
  • Extra control vest.
  • High back support, removable straps.
  • Helps posture.
  • Triple row of hooks for easy adjustment.

100% Colombian made this is by far the best waist trainer on the market today. Very aggressive and super tight fitting designed to help shape your body to perfection.

Latex waist trainers are best aligned with natural waist training and bodybuilding. A latex waist trainer can reduce your waist line by 3 sizes instantly. It works by compression and increases thermal activity ramping up perspiration. Modern materials such as rubber, latex and neoprene are very elastic and compress the areas in which the garment comes in contact. Material properties trap the heat within and around the body which in turn causes perspiration.
This process mobilizes fat cells and detoxifies the body.** Heat burns fat and perspiration carries away impurities out of the body naturally.** An added benefit of wearing a stretchy garment that compresses the waist and back area is lumbar support. The muscles in the abdomen and back are supported giving help to the lower back reducing the chance of injury. The heat trapped under the latex waist trainer becomes therapeutic. It actually relieves and sooths sore muscles.**
Latex waist trainers provide so many benefits than many are rarely mentioned. They improve posture and create a portable sauna for rapid weight loss. You can lose up to 4 inches around the waist in 30 days*. A latex waist trainer is a good fit for health.

How to use: wear latex on the outside, cotton inside
Care instructions: hand wash and air dry with mild soap

For correct sizing measure right above belly button: EX measures a 36 order 36. If you measure 1.5 inches above the number shown order the next size up. 


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