Do you love SqueezMeSkinny and want to spread the word? Great!!!

SqueezMeSkinny offers 2 ways you can start earning money by referring sales to the Athlete Program, and the Affiliate Program.

Affiliate Program

The affiliate program is perfect for influencers who have a loyal following. Whether you are a blogger, instagrammer, or a facebook maven, the Affiliate Program will allow you to passively earn commissions for referring successful sales to Not everyone will be eligible. We manually screen every application to make sure that your personal brand aligns with our brand values.

You do not need hundreds of thousands of followers to become an affiliate. However, we need to feel that your following is significant enough that you are likely to generate sales. Commissions start at 2.5% of sales (excluding sales and shipping). Your commission rate will be decided based on your personal brand. It isn’t necessarily always connected to how many followers or website visits you have.

In some cases, we might contact you by email to ask you a few additional questions in order to process your application and determine your commission rate.

Athlete Program

Once you become a SqueezMeSkinny Athlete you are part of small circle of influencers. SqueezMeSkinny Athletes enjoy all the same benefits as Affiliates as well as other perks such as: higher starting commission rates, access to early release of products, access to private events, invitation to photo shoots, and more!

Eligibility in the Athlete program is complex and not directly related to how many followers you have, or how many competitions you have won (or if you have competed at all). Each applicant is carefully reviewed and evaluated based on our specific criteria.


Affiliates are not required to provide exclusivity. Athletes on the other end are required to strictly only promote waist trainers from SqueezMeSkinny and are not allowed to promote any waist trainer or similar product from any other brand than SqueezMeSkinny.

Change in Status

Eligibility might change without notice depending on changes to your personal brand. A positive change in your public profile might switch your account from Affiliate to Athlete, and a negative change to your profile might downgrade you from an Athlete to an Affiliate. An example of a “negative change” would be prolonged inactivity on social media or lack of promotion of the product.

Change in Commission

After it is initially decided your commission rate will increase or decrease based on sales generated. Don’t get discouraged if you are approved to start at a low percentage rate. We review commission rates constantly and will appropriately increase your commissions as you start generating sales.


You are free to cancel your partnership with SqueezMeSkinny at any time. Rather than just not promoting our brand and staying in our system until you are automatically cancelled, we prefer that you email us asking to be removed from our program. Failure to give us notice might prevent from re-entering our program at a later time.

SqueezMeSkinny reserves the right to cancel participation in the Affiliate or Athlete Programs at any time. If you are terminated without prejudice you will earn commissions until the day of termination. If you are terminated with prejudice, you will not receive commissions for sales generated between your last payout and the end of the current period. Examples of actions that can trigger termination with prejudice would be an Athlete/Affiliate advertising competitive products, engaging in controversy (political or otherwise) in their online content, or speaking negatively of the brand.

SqueezMeSkinny reserves the rights to make changes to the above without notice.

If you agree with the above terms, please fill out the application below and let’s get you started on your way to earning big Buck$$ with!