Waist Train like a Pro lose 3-4 inches fast!

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Product Description

This Package Deal Includes

Latex Waist Trainer

Workout Waist Trainer

Waist Train like a Pro with our Pro Package. This amazing deal includes one all day latex waist trainer designed to be the tightest fitting on the market and one sports trainer great for working out in. Why 2? Glad you asked! Our latex is designed to be very tight and restricting perfect for molding your hourglass figure. On the other hand our sports trainer is more flexible. You have the option of long or short torso which will allow your body to move better during a workout or activity.  Enhancing your fat burning rustles in the targeted area though sweat and precipitation. This allows toxins to be pull from your fat cells and therefor better mobilized as energy.


Long Torso 12 inches 

Short Torso 10 inches 

To get this measure from under your bra down to your bikini line.