Hypothermic (Cold) Firming Gel

$ 39.99

Have you recently lost weight or had a baby? Dealing with loose skin? You’re going to love the results of this super cool firming body gel! The Hypothermic Firming Gel by Squeez)ME(Skinny helps rejuvenate and firm skin that has been stretched by weight gain or loss or pregnancy.

This proprietary blend restores skin to its normal healthy state after your body has experienced a change in size. Whether you just became a new mom or finally won the battle with weight loss, this is the final step as you return to a previous size. Simply massage the firming gel into the skin and see the results over time. Turn back the clock with the Hypothermic Firming Gel by Squeez)ME(Skinny!



  • Firmed skin
  • Better toned skin
  • Restored look after pregnancy and weight loss
  • Great for cellulite too




  • Hypothermic gel
  • Ideal postpartum gift
  • Easily massages into skin
  • Special proprietary blend

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