#1 Best Selling for Fast Curves! Ultimate Latex Waist Trainer.

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Product Description

3 Hooks, 12 inches long (covers more area)

  • The number 1 must have for body contouring
  • 2-4 inches off your waistline in 30 days*
  • mold the perfect figure
  • fast dramatic changes to your body
  • Helps posture.
  • Triple row of hooks for easy adjustment and really getting it tight.

Want sexy curves fast? Then this waist trainer is for you. Introducing the most aggressive style we offer. This is a must have for daily use of contouring the waist. Built from the finest material Colombia has to offer, this waist clincher will not give in. Made tough to hold and mold your perfect figure. Fits great under shirts and dresses for when you are going out or just in the office.


Elastic therapy also known as waist training is a technique that uses memory latex in the form of a corset to help shape your body. Squeez Me Skinny latex waist trainers helps you reduce inches around your waist by compression, giving you the curves you have always wanted.

Directions: After you manage to squeeze into your waist trainer you must only wear it for one hour. Day 2 threw day 8 slowly increase the time by one hour until you hit the 8-10 hour mark. From then on it must be worn everyday in-between those set times.

How to use: wear latex on the outside, cotton inside
Care instructions: hand wash and air dry with mild soap

Please measure your waist 2 inches above your bellybutton and order according to your measurement

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Designed for all day use.


100% Colombian made this is by far the best waist trainer on the market today. Very aggressive and super tight fitting designed to help shape your body to perfection.

Latex waist trainers are best aligned with natural waist training and bodybuilding. A latex waist trainer can reduce your waist line by 3 sizes instantly. It works by compression and increases thermal activity ramping up perspiration. Modern materials such as rubber, latex and neoprene are very elastic and compress the areas in which the garment comes in contact. Material properties trap the heat within and around the body which in turn causes perspiration.
This process mobilizes fat cells and detoxifies the body.** Heat burns fat and perspiration carries away impurities out of the body naturally.** An added benefit of wearing a stretchy garment that compresses the waist and back area is lumbar support. The muscles in the abdomen and back are supported giving help to the lower back reducing the chance of injury. The heat trapped under the latex waist trainer becomes therapeutic. It actually relieves and sooths sore muscles.**
Latex waist trainers provide so many benefits than many are rarely mentioned. They improve posture and create a portable sauna for rapid weight loss. You can lose up to 4 inches around the waist in 30 days*. A latex waist trainer is a good fit for health.

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Weight 0.13 oz

XXXS 16-19, XXS 19-22 inch., XS 22-25, S 25-27, M 27-31, L 31-34, XL 34-37, 2XL 37-40, 3XL 40-43, 4XL 43-46, 5XL 46-49



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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

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    I absolutely love this waist trainer!!! This is my first time waist training, and I conducted a lot of research before I made my purchase. I am very well pleased. I ordered a small, and it’s only been 9 days! I’m almost on my last row of hooks, and I could barely get it on when I first got it. I definitely wasn’t expecting that. I’ve used it exactly like the instructions say to use it within the first week. I’ve also been maintaining a proper diet and exercising regularly. I’m about to order an XS, because I know I’ll need it soon. I’ll get a short this time. I wasn’t paying attention during the ordering process the first time, and I ordered the regular 12 inch one. Even still, the trainer is very comfortable.

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